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 +====== Katherine DePaw - Alina D ======
 +<ifauth @user>{{ photo:katherine depaw.jpg?300|Katherine Depaw}}</ifauth>
 +Email: [[katherine_depaw@crisis.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +I am a 23-year old vet.
 +I am a professional pet-sitter and have been since I was 10 - I get along well with animals and I also do dog and cat-walking should I be required to do so. 
 +Should you ever need to find me, I am probably in a local pub with cider and chocolate and probably in need of employment.
 +<ifauth @gm>[[user:katherine depaw|Player User Page]]\\
 +[[gm:user:katherine depaw|GM User Page]]</ifauth>
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