There are many organisations with some degree of influence in the world. Many superheroes, supervillains, and super-ambiguously aligned people who claim membership of one. Some people's super-lives began in one of these groups. Some supers have never been a part of an organisation, and never intend to be a part of one. It is undeniable, however, that some organisations have incredibly widespread influence above and beyond the super-sphere; avoiding their influence altogether is nigh impossible.

You can be part of more than one organisation, but some may be less pleased about sharing you than others.

If you decide to be part of any named organisation(s), including the named minor ones, you will receive the relevant organisation brief containing more information relevant to the given organisation.

The Big Guys


The police, army and intelligence services of the World Government, SPEAR is made up almost solely of superheroes. Aegis (the police division) act to protect the citizens of the world, and to enforce international laws and punish those who break them. Gladius (the army) are called up in times of crisis to protect the Earth against major threats. Oculus (the intelligence services) keep an eye on the activities of known supervillains, aiming to identify and eliminate threats before they become an issue.


The Separatists are an age-old underground operation. Opposed to the increasing control and disregard for ordinaries (i.e. those without powers) through the hands of the World Government and SPEAR, the various separatist networks around the globe have unified and with the current crisis. The Separatists are hoping for an opportunity to return to more self-control and more protection for ordinaries from the whims of supers (who are probably also to blame for the current events regarding the Moon). Due to their nature, they are very secretive, but if you want to get into contact with them, it is rumoured that helping out ordinaries is always a good way to get their attention.


A recently emerged group of vigilantes and crime-fighters, Garuda has the stated goal of protecting humanity from threats greater than most people are capable of dealing with. Their main focus is on the protection of civilians during disasters and the elimination of threats before they can cause any harm.

The Heart

Dealing in organised crime on all levels, from pickpocketing to carefully coordinated bank heists, the Heart isn't a place for the faint of heart. Greed is the highest virtue. To fulfil it, the Heart has no problem causing collateral damage and dealing with interference as it sees fit; but it also understands that there are often much neater solutions to a problem than chaos.

The Rothwell Science Park

A large research facility on the edge of Capital City. The Rothwell Science Park is a home for all kinds of scientific research, including work on technological and magic based super powers. While there are not many active heroes associated with them, they have close ties to many other groups, and are often the ones behind their latest and greatest powers.

Gamasot Laboratories

Earth's foremost medical and pharmaceutical corporation, Gamasot Laboratories offers both genetic therapies to deal with the unwanted side effects of supernatural abilities, as well as world-class healing through their recently established Hospitals Initiative, bringing super-healing to those who need it most.


Having grown from a small family butlering service, JeevesCorp is now the world leader in wearable technology and AIs. Their AI development process is a closely guarded secret, while their up and coming ExoSuit project has been seemingly stalled for just over a decade.


Temple provides a sanctuary in an increasingly troublesome world. Whether super-powered, powerless, wealthy or poor, all can find a new life here. The Adherents come from all walks of life, but they come with a united goal in mind: to learn from the Alitheia, a prophecy detailing the fate of the universe. Those who have gained such learning become Ascendants, invariably wielding great power. Those yearning for magical thought should seek the Magisters, who are always keen to pass on their knowledge of the Alitheia. Those who share their bodies with technology can find a home with the Nexus, where they might connect to the Alitheia more directly. Others are always welcome with the Filidhean, partaking in the Alitheia in order to achieve greatness.

Other Organisations

Above are the most influential groups, but they are far from the only ones out there. There are many other small groups and organisations in the world, involved in everything from environmental preservation to making semi-sentient balloon animals. For a few notable minor organisations, see Minor Organisations.

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