Good Morning Madam. And How May I Be Of Service Today?

- JEEVES, Original AI developed by JeevesCorp

Best known for its innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, JeevesCorp is among the world's largest technology companies, and its products are part of daily life in Capital City, as well as the rest of the world. While their main profit driver is their AI range - available for just about any use, from personal assistants to sentient traffic guidance - they have done work in other fields, including a recently developed range of armoured suits and exoskeletons. While currently unavailable to the public (despite some high-profile thefts), JeevesCorp have been demonstrating the suits' use with Knight, JeevesCorp's superhero Head of Public Relations.


Initially founded in 1914 by Howard Jeeves as a butlering service, JeevesCorp eventually grew beyond its original purpose, setting up various web services during the Dot Com Boom. After its success, JeevesCorp largely left its service industry roots behind, becoming primarily a technological company. In 2017, the corporation succeeded in acquiring principal research and development contracts into emerging AI , following that up shortly afterwards by expanding into their secondary area of innovation, wearable technologies in 2020.

Wearable technologies became JeevesCorp's major focus for the next two decades, marketing ever smaller and more creative wearable computers and other such gadgets of all kinds, and many had thought they'd abandoned the AI research until in 2040 they released the first fully-featured AI of its current range: appropriately enough named JEEVES.

Over the 2040-2060 period, JeevesCorp continued the expansion of its AI selection, securing its position as the world's foremost commercial AI supplier - most famously with its Servant series (the personal AI assistant selection, from JEEVES to IGOR). However, with a not-insignificant number of their more advanced AI successfully suing to be recognised legally as entities in their own rights, their process does not seem to be completely within their control, or so the conspiracy theories suggest.

Over the same period, they continued getting bigger and bolder with their wearable technologies, eventually culminating in the unveiling of the ExoSuits. The expense, however, not to mention suspected government subsidies to prevent their release, has meant no public launch has been forthcoming. This was ten years ago and since then the company has been quiescent, releasing only small software patches and maintenance upgrades for its AI systems. Their standard line of wearable technology has also continued, albeit seemingly muted in comparison to the ExoSuit.

JeevesCorp Today

Today, JeevesCorp products are responsible for many aspects of daily life. A historic presence in Capital City, its AIs have recently been sold to various aspects of the government, including those helping regulate traffic in the city and other similarly mundane tasks. While the ExoSuit project generated much public excitement, it has affected few - most people, however, will own some sort of product based on Jeeves-developed wearable technologies, whether a hologram-projecting watch, or a more mundane set of clothes which warms you based on the ambient temperature. Their AIs are also very popular, with some used for personal companions, but most developed for specific companies by Selection.


The AI research group, named for their evolutionary algorithms, used to generate AIs fit for a specific purpose through externally applied pressure, and many generations of intelligences. The exact process is a closely guarded trade secret. And those skilled enough to be recruited for Selection have few incentives to spread the knowledge. They are led by the Selection Committee, ultimately responsible for directing Jeeves' AI programme.

I'm afraid you're not cleared for that.” - Standard response given by employees of Selection when asked about their jobs.

General Research

The more general Jeeves research group, long ago split from the pure AI Selection. Their focus is predominantly on the development of wearable technologies, and of course the now apparently dormant ExoSuit Project, upon which they have pointedly refused to comment.

I love working in General Research. I get to try out the newest gadgets weeks, months, sometimes even years before they hit the stores. Oh, you wanted to know about the Exo-Suit? I'm afraid I don't work in that department

Public Relations

JeevesCorp's successful PR department is led by Knight. Jeeves' marketing initiatives are markedly extravagant: often involving ExoSuited employees demonstrating the suits' capabilities to enthuse the crowds, prior to the launch of even more mundane products. However, not all of their activities are public - rumour says that Jeeves' PR juggernaut has been behind the collapse of several potential competitors.

The Upper Floors

Not so much a name as a nickname for Jeeves' higher floor-dwelling army of executives.

(OC Note: The Rank (+2) Trope is required if you want to gen a character in either Selection or The Upper Floors. In addition, characters cannot start as members of the Selection Committee.)

Places of Note

The Spire circa 2025

The Spire

The worldwide headquarters of JeevesCorp, the Jeeves Spire is more accurately a collection of lower, gradually accumulated outbuildings around a central skyscraper - the Spire itself. JeevesCorp was one of the first companies to relocate to Capital City, and as such, its buildings have sprung up erratically about the central spire as more were needed. The Spire itself houses JeevesCorp's executives, higher administration, and the Selection Committee (responsible for AI development), while more general R&D, technical support (an ever-expanding department), and regional administration dwell in the structures outside. Jeeves' extensive server rooms occupy the tunnels below the entire site.

People of Note

Eleanore Jeeves, CEO

JeevesCorp's newest and youngest CEO, having taken charge two years prior after the unfortunate death of her mother, Gwendolyn Jeeves. She has become known for her so-far rather cautious approach when it comes to managing the firm, in stark contrast to the heavy-handedness her mother was well known for.

Knight, Head of Public Relations

Knight is in charge of JeevesCorp's flamboyant public relations initiatives, and is never seen without a Jeeves-supplied suit. Their real name and identity is unknown. Despite being seen alongside CEO Eleanore Jeeves on numerous occasions, rumours still abound that they are one and the same.

Dr Samuel Marsh, Chairman of the Selection Committee

Charged with heading Selection, JeevesCorp's AI development programme, Dr Marsh has been behind many of the specialised intelligences sold to Capital City and other governments (now AI is more widely accepted and trusted), such as those that regulate traffic.

Dr Erin Withers, Head of General Research

Dr Withers is best known personally for her rather publicised rivalry with Selection, but professionally for her leadership in the ExoSuit project. Though the ExoSuit project has been dormant in recent years, Dr Withers is still behind Jeeves' regular releases of new wearable technologies - from environment-sensing clothes to augmented reality contact lenses.

Opinions on Other Organisations


“We're proud to be one of SPEAR's primary business partners. Certainly, they've always been ideal clients, and we're confident the projects we've delivered are being used for the good of all.” - Dr Samuel Marsh


“Any and all information regarding suspected Separatist thefts of proprietary JeevesCorp technology is welcomed. All of us here at Jeeves share a concern for safety in the wake of this extremist threat, and I will personally guarantee provision for any such public-spirited informants” - Knight


“We've had no dealings with Garuda's representatives. I must say, however, certain technologies used in their operations… Well, they do look rather similar to some of my department's old projects. Very similar, actually.” - Dr Erin Withers

The Heart

With a State-of-the-Art House Protection AI such as REX, you can keep your belongings better protected against organisations such as The Heart” - JeevesCorp Advertising

The Rothwell Science Park

“It's always been a pleasure working with my colleagues at Rothwell. While we at Jeeves work far from their other areas of research - phenomena generally classed as magical - the Maxwell Institute's approach to technological powers is nothing short of inspiring, and we look forward to collaborating on future work, perhaps even on further ExoSuit development.” - Dr Erin Withers

Gamasot Laboratories

Gamasot Laboratories is looking to the future, much like we are. We look forward to a productive partnership with them and companies like them.” - Eleanore Jeeves, CEO


We have had no interactions with Temple to date. Why are you even asking me about them?” - Eleanore Jeeves, CEO

The Summits

“Our technology and our AIs have solved many intractable problems. The Moon? It's a bigger problem. That just means a more profitable solution, and our representatives should be involved. And in any case, a gathering of these sorts of minds is a frankly unmissable opportunity.” - Dr Erin Withers

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