The Summits

“Welcome, friends, to the Kamalani Centre. We have gathered you here today as we believe that the present crisis is of a magnitude which transcends the quarrels between us, whether based on our previous rivalries, or the organisations we are part of. It is hoped that with all of us working together we can discover the reasons for the disaster which has occurred, and find a way to fix it. As manager of the centre, I assure you that every possible measure has been put in place for your safety and security. I have been asked to inform those of you who have chosen to telepresence in to today's summit that, while the link is untraceable and no one can find out where you are calling from, we are unable to extend the protective field surrounding the centre to wherever you are. I hope that in the future, you will choose to join us if at all possible. For those of you concerned about being followed as you exit the centre, our teleportation booth is located down the hall to your left, which will take you anywhere you wish to go and is similarly untraceable. If you desire anything while you are here, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff, who will be happy to assist you in any way they can.” - Johannes Kamalani

The Summits have been organised to bring all those who might be of use in the current crisis to one place; a place where everyone is safe, so that they can discuss how to resolve it. The current schedule is for the summits to be held every 6 weeks, lasting at least until problems resulting from the missing mass of the Moon are resolved, and the reasons behind it known (and dealt with if necessary).

During the Summits (and for some time before and after), no harm can come to anyone within the Kamalani Centre. Some testing of this will show that if you throw a punch, it is stopped before it makes contact (in a way that is sudden and prevents you from moving further, but oddly lacks any sensation of impact), if someone attempts to drink poison, the liquid will not pour into their mouth, if the ceiling caves in, none of the chunks would actually hit any of those inside, and everyone would have a route out. The origin of this effect is unknown, and your characters will not have seen anything quite like it before. If you wish to try something which would skirt the boundaries of what is possible, please talk to a GM, but in general anything which would harm someone inside the Centre will fail to do so.

For those that do not wish to come to the centre in person, telepresencing facilities are available. This uses an untracable link to project a holographic image of the telepresencing person into the room. This image may move around freely within the centre. Such technology is fairly commonplace (though normally the avatars are much more limited in where they can move), so your characters will have access to it if you so wish. Your avatar will be recognisable as your character, but does not have to be in the same physical state (e.g. you could be wearing different clothes, or appear in perfect health despite the fact that you're actually missing an arm or two).

If you wish to leave the convention centre without being followed, there is a teleporter available which will take you to any outdoors, publicly accessible location (i.e. you can arrive in the middle of a park, or outside your own front door1), but not inside your nemesis' bank vault, or on the roof of The Parliament). The destination is programmed in such a way that only the person using the teleporter can see where they will end up. The teleporter will only take one person at a time, so you can't “piggy back” with someone else, no matter how good you are at sneaking, and if you want someone to follow you you'll have to tell them where you're going.

The Kamalani Centre

 The Kamalani Centre

The Kamalani Centre is the world's premier conference centre. The Centre prides itself on catering to every possible need of their clients, offering space to functions ranging from weddings to fighting tournaments, business meetings to international diplomatic conventions2). The manager, Johannes Kamalani, has a reputation for efficiency, discretion3), and being able to work miracles when presented with high requirements and short deadlines. The Centre does not come cheap, but the money is re-invested to keep it at the forefront of technology - they have the best telepresence facilities in the world, allowing those who dial in to walk amongst the rest of the guests freely, rather than being confined to a booth, and all the guests are assured an easy journey home thanks to their teleporters4).

The Centre is located in Capital City, looking out over Lake Geneva, and easily accessible thanks to a private landing strip, helipad, and excellent bus, rail, metro, and tram connections.

1) assuming you don't have an underwater base or similar
2) usually not at the same time
3) where necessary
4) plus a guarantee that no one will know if they decided to wander off somewhere else, as the teleporters are untraceable
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