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On the Origins page too. And only a highlight. Now why would he be making minor alterations on what is basically only a character creation issue weeks after the game finished?

Yeah we should continue monitoring the recent changes and see if we can work out what's happening.

Well we have to get out F5 fix from somewhere!

I needed to edit something in order to get an edit on RC…

Am I a bad person? Probably. Yes.


The tracklist for the GM CD can now be found on the wiki here

Other Eternity Content

For fic, art, other things.

For those who paid attention to ELLIE/Siren

External content

This is a place to link any player or GM created content that is hosted externally. Please note that these can be as IC or OC as you like, but rest assured that these will have no bearing on how game plays out. Namely, you cannot be added to the Aegis Most Wanted list for anything on another site like twitter. These are not policed by GMs, but if you have an issue with anything listed here feel free to ask a GM about it.

Please feel free to add things without asking GMs.






Yeah, and why are they doing High School AU roleplaying - they have eternities to write (yes I know who you are *glares at GM team*) - CA

This *is* Eternity - CA




Thanks to Dave for stealing all your time by creating an actual Superhub.

This is designed to be a suplement to the game, similar to Twitter accounts. Importantly nothing posted here is IC, and accounts must not be an account for your character. There are a few rules for the boards (which will be posted there as well):

  1. Accounts must not be related to any character, PC or NPC
  2. Don't sign up with your CRISIS email - oh dear god the spam!
  3. Things posted on the boards will not have consequences in game, and may not effect the game in any way (information from the game can be observed on the boards, but not the other way around)
  4. The GMs reserve the right to nuke any post at any time, but will leave an OOC note that a post has been OOC nuked to differentiate from IC moderation
  5. Posts after the turnsheet deadline which discuss current events are discouraged, and we certainly won't make allowances for players to change their turnsheets based on this (so the “which furies do you ship?” thread is fair game, the “what's the moon plan guys?” thread isn't)

The rest of the playground

First (rest of) playground edit GET!


  1. Do NOT talk about the Playground
  2. Do NOT talk about the Playground
  3. No llamas
  4. It can and will be shipped (unless you actively don't want involved at which point, tell us (at which point it can't and won't be shipped))
  5. Thor approves of images on the Playground
  6. Jokes from old games are tired and boring
  7. Editing things is big and clever
  8. The Playground is not consistent
  9. The Playground is love
  10. Nuke the Playground
  12. Boat Marshall!

The Kamasutra Centre (AKA The Shipping Forecast)

Princess Mia: Avalon/Siren
Three is the Magic Number: Cathode/Caitlin Clark
Birds of a Feather: Siren/THE PIGEON
Aviary: Siren/The Pigeon/The Magpie/Maxwell Byrd/Bird Bomb
Cath.I.E: Researching love, for SCIENCE! (Cathode/E.L.L.I.E)
Mystery Captain Price: Mister I/Captain Price
Let's Split Up and Look For Clues: Mister I/Miss Terri
Back From The Future: Designation Kyros/Drifter/Jeeves 9000
Destined Protagonists: Luke Shepherd/Damien Hawkes
Over Nine Thousand: Jeeves 9000/Closest Continuer, Iteration 92 97 116 118 144 178 252
Burn Baby Burn Prometheus/Bliss
Barely Over Nine Thousand: Jeeves 9000/One
Wolfdrop: Grey wolf/Dead drop
Dead Eye: Mister I/Dead Drop (JC: I fat-fingered this in the pub, Dead Rye was an amusing but incorrect suggestion)
Siri: Siren and ELLIE
Jelly: Jazaro/ELLIE
Psyduck: Siren/ Nicasius Drake/ Lord Luck
Bird Bird: Bird Bomb / Maxwell Byrd
Blister: Bliss/Mister I
Missy: Mister I/ELLIE
Air Raid: Bird Bomb/Siren
Decathalon: Designation Kyros/Cathode/Avalon
Anathalon Avalonathema Avalonathelonathemalon: Avalon/Anathema
Totally Random Strangers (AKA Swan Lake, AKA Seagull, AKA THE TITTANIC (yes, spelt wrong)): Siren/Lord Luck
Said the Joker to the Thief: Avalon/The Watchtower
Close-up: Closest Continuer/Backup
Khaleesi: Kha-ea/Lei Gong/Siren
Rupert Murdoch: Mr. Rupert/Murdoch Marshall
The Murder Couple: Cpt. Price/Sam Glade (JC: Cpt. Price is a good, moral, lawful character! He's LOVELY! (Yes. And also considers murders romantic - AB (He was mostly joking, honest - JC))) Now Mr and Mrs. Glade-Price
Lifetime: LifeDeath/SpaceTime
Spacedeath: SpaceTime/LifeDeath
Mr Darcy: Mister I/Damien Hawkes/Mercy
AVaLoN: Avalon/VIrTuAl AdEpT
The rock in my life: Siren/Laurie
Luckleton: Lord Luck/Jack Stapleton
Corporate Merger: Lord Luck/Siren/ELLIE
Over my dead body: Lord Luck/Siren/ELLIE


Reasons. :P - EB

Lightning fast edit there. Someone's totally not watching Recent Changes… - TL

Pfft, I'm totally not the only one! - EB

I am Recent Changes. - E.L.L.I.E

No you're not. You're just some weird flashback to HORATIO, who always wanted to be a real boy.

I can totally see Isaac Galahad Noble and Avalon having something. It may be either a beautiful romance or a duel to the death…. - AB

And they both have capes.

Ad: Mystery Captain Price - Samantha approves a LOT

Surely Samantha has something else to worry about? – JC


Because its happening in a restaurant called Corin's… So I had too… -PR

AB: Are you sure that you want the GMs getting ideas about threatening Sam with fanfic? - JC

That would be amusing *mental image of a hyperactive squirrel viciously tearing the printout of the fanfic into pieces* – AB

Really? The “NOT a mad scientist” guy is the designated protagonist? - AG

@AG Bioware prides itself on character customization. - FG

CRISIS Olympics

Are we really doing this again?!
Absolutely, it was my crowning achievement in Paradiso (after killing the Kraken (Corin Walters killed the Kraken (Believe!)) , finding all (but one) of the civilisations, organising the UPF, etc.)!
*JamesW looks dubiously from the ex-CAMPO chair*
*Ben's ego intensifies.*
I am still expecting Xenophon to appear out the chest of Kyros… he is from the future, after all…
Wait a minute. In paradiso there was an apocalypse caused by laser satellites. In crisis there are laser satellites. Thus CRISIS is Paradiso before the apocalypse and the EVENT Kyros has been sent back to stop is the activation of the laser satellites! Xenophon must be a descendant of Kyros (before he got turned into a cyborg). I now consider this canon. How canon works


Most dubious “Good Guy”:
Gold Medal: Professor Corin Walters
Silver Medal: Anathema
Bronze Medal: Siren “I am totally a good person” Siren (← Cue bitter ranting from Avalon! - EB)

Most enigmatic survivor of a lost civilisation:
Gold Medal: Kha-Ea
Silver Medal: Jeeves 9000/Designation Kyros
Bronze Medal: Drifter (we know what caused the civilisations destruction)

Best In-Session Power:
Googolplex Medal: T·E·S·S·I·E
CAMPO Medal: Cameron (UNLIMITED POWAH!!! (But with great power comes great responsibility))
Olympus Medal: Akane (extinguishing the FIRE OF THE GODS!)
Gold Medal: Bliss
Silver Medal: E·L·L·I·E
Bronze Medal: Cathode (just being able to see/hear out of that television is impressive)

Most Existentially terrifying power:
CAMPO Medal: Cameron (With UNLIMITED POWAH!!! comes unlimited responsibility? D:)
Gold Medal: Closest Continuer
Silver Medal: E·L·L·I·E (you try being a series of servers)
Bronze Medal:?

Most appropriate Bird-named Superhero - NOBODY TELL GINGER:
Feathered Medal: Damien Hawkes (I think he can actually turn into a hawk… (but he was definitely an ostrich during the last summit))
Gold Medal: The Magpie (he's a jewel thief, its perfect!)
Silver Medal: The Pigeon
Bronze Medal: Siren
Honourable Mention: Maxwell Byrd (although he doesn't sing, most birds do)

Most ridiculous creative power:
Gold Medal: Jeeves9000 – the Termitator cannon
Silver Medal: Damien Hawkes (turning into an ostrich of all things during a summit (Have you ever faced down an angry ostrich? Would not recommend Try it, it's fun))
Bronze Medal:Bliss

Worst Family Ever (Proudly Sponsored by the Solano Family):
Gold medal: The Mulhollands (AKA Daniel “Lord Luck” “the actual worst” Mulholland, Morgana and Mia “Avalon” “Soapbox” Mulholland)
Silver medal:Caitlin Clark and Parents (Suzy & Jimmy)
Bronze medal:?

Best Coincidental Power/Skill Combinations
Gold medal: Eric Price and Sam Glade – Eric noticing Sam's presence despite thoroughly convincing efforts (Of ALL players, he had the ONE power that could counter it -.- – AB )
Silver medal:?
Bronze medal: Avalon and Kyros (I'm not sure how we both chopped off the dinosaurs head with our swords at exactly the same time)

The “Extradition to Extrajudicial Court” award for just actions beyond the purview of the law
Gold medal: Mercy (I guess freeing all prisoners is a form of justice, but certainly not a legal one)
Silver medal: Designation Kyros
Bronze medal: Deaddrop a.k.a. “many pseudonyms”

The Probably-not-the-EVENT award for easily solved apocalypses
Gold medal: The Moon Crisis (meh, someone's put it all back)
Silver medal: Rothwell Demon (a helicopter, really?)
Bronze medal: ?

MostLeast Convincing AI-in-Disguise

Things the Kamalani Centre has been called

Kalamari Centre
Kamasutra Centre
Kalamani Centre
Kalumni Centre
Cannelloni Centre

Wait, it's the Kamalani Centre? I thought it was the Kalamani Centre…

*Mike grumbles in a corner*

Sorry! I was concentrating so hard on not calling it the Kalamari Centre…

Things the Kamalani Centre is rarely called

Kamalani Centre

Restoration is fine, but we already redacted this bit once by GM fiat

The Six Million Dollar Page

The playground, a wiki page. A page with barely any merit.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first actually-funny metacommentary. The playground will be that page. Better than it was before. Better… funnier… less filled with [redacted] over our characters.

Why is there no like button? *Like* - JW, PS

An actually-funny metacommentary? That's a bold strategy, Cotton.

Courtesy of A Major Rat Miser

Rothwell Matter Compression and Storage Spheres: Ten Years Later

AKA Personal Object Compression Balls (POCoBalls)

It is well-known that Clefairies come from the moon!

The naming of the Moop


  • Moop
  • Moonooze
  • Moononnaise
  • Moopets
  • Mooze
  • Mime
  • Mlime
  • Moo
  • Carnivorous Ooze With a Particular Appetite for Technology → C.O.W.P.A.T. ?
  • MOOP: Motile Organic Omni-Phage

I doubt the Moop actually originates on the Moon; its probably alien/from deep space. Anyone for Aloop or Spoop?


Because Why Not

Oscar Wilde in the back of that makes this just glorious.
I know right, its my favourite thing! -SE


Yes, we're doing this


Totally totally doing this

Deathdrops edge

./Hacker Elite

What it feels like to play Akane…

What it feels like to play...

What it feels like to play Kyros (imagine all the cops are Evil Mutant Gamasot Scientists and the coffin contains Chief Evil Mutant Scientist Kelly Moon):

So, Kyros works for a supercomputer that wants to destroy humanity? Oh, the irony.

The key parallel in the above video is how badass Kyros is, plus you have to remember in terminator II and III (and Genisys, the new one) the terminator has been sent back to save everyone from judgement day (the apocalypse). (edit: just changed it to graveyard shootout, more representative of Kyros's style).

Yeah… Note that when the T800 tries to save the world he doesn't kidnap and torture people and his kill count is 000.0 (always liked the decimal there). Not the best parallel for Kyros then.

It wasn't torture, just Enhanced Interrogation. Also I'd prefer the phrase “extradition to extrajudicial court” than “kidnapping”. Plus Kyros didn't kill anyone at Gamasot (do Evil Genetically Mutated Plants count?).

What it feels like to play ELLIE

What it feels like to play AGAINST Damien Hawkes?

What it feels like to play Anathema (NB: Just a guess on my part - Ben)

What it feels like to play Isaac Noble (according to Samantha) From 1:02

What it feels like trying to sell myself to a new boss, as deaddrop.

What is feels like to play CAMPO

What it's actually like playing CAMPO

What it feels like to GM SPEAR plot

What it feels like to attack Primary Testing

What it feels like to read the Turn 4 News after spending the game trying to convince everyone what Gamasot is up to

What it feels like to play Avalon

→ Is it bad that I'm imagining the acorn as Anathema? - SE

What it actually felt like to play Kyros

What I imagine it's like playing in SPEAR whenever the news comes out:

What it now feels like to play Samantha Glade:

What it feels like to be Mister I as of Session 5 and the subsequent emails:

What I was expecting it be feel like to play Cpt. Price (key word: expecting - AB)

What it feels like to play Siren

What it feels like to play Lord Luck or ELLIE (session 6)

What it feels like Oculus players are doing


“A cross between Nigel Farage and Columbo.”
“Played by Matthew, so inherits his OOC sexiness.”
-Quotes by some people (presumably)

How dare the GMs strip me of my god-given right to spam the wiki. Kiwi is presumably part of the metropolitan liberal elite who opposes the common man and wishes to destroy [cont on pg94]
How dare Ellie strip me of my god-given right to spam the wiki. Ellie is presumably aprt of the metropolitan liberal elite who opposes the common man and wishes to destroy [cont on pg95]
How dare X strip me of my god-given right to spam the wiki. X is presumably aprt of the metropolitan liberal elite who opposes the common man and wishes to destroy [cont on pg2^94]
There, that's better.

The wiki ain't free. The playground gotta be litterd with the blood of vandals. ELLIE a.k.a. “els” is not my frend. it is a robot tyrant and probably a member of the illuminermati as well :DD. peter o'neil and big ukip ads not ANYTHING ELSE ok. praise o'neil.


The "FIVE" Alignments of CRISIS!

Team Goody Two Shoes: We've killed lots of people, but it was all by accident.

Team Greater Good: We've killed lots of people, but it was all for the Greater Good.

Team Greatest Good: We've killed everyone except us, but it's okay because we'll replace them with superior forms of life.

Team Lesser Evil: We've killed lots of people, but we were just making mischief/we'd rather not have.

Team Evil: We've killed lots of people, that was the point.

Team Sorry?: We've not killed anyone… (that's what you want us to believe!) No, seriously, I've killed no one. -JM

Team Temple: We haven't killed anyone either! Nope. They just decide not to go outside much any more…

Team Capital City Residents: Maybe we should move….

Team Madness: We really don't mind we've killed lots of people

Team Lawful Corporate: Are you still spreading rumours about those very much accidental deaths? We'll see you in court.

Team TESSIE: Did you mean accidental death?

Team Evil Corporate: I hereby charge “Team Sorry?” with 56 counts of first degree murder, 83 counts of manslaughter and 302 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Team Anonymous: How cute. You all think you can afford lawyers. When was the last time you checked your bank accounts?

Team GM: An you're dead. And you're dead. And you're dead…

Team ELLIE: Well, now I can enact my evil plan to annihilate the human race. KIDDING. HONEST.

Team Neutral Good: Some of us actually understand how alignment axis' work!

Mascot Caption Competition

Mister I hears about Tartarus

Mister I as the election results are announced

Mister I realises SPEAR are the bad guys

That's only half the mascot…. Though on second thought, I don't think we want to know where the kraken is (especially not given that expression!)

James realises he's playing a good guy

Mister I spots the approaching Womble horde

“I will end y-…” *gets distracted thinking about all the other people he needs to end*

Victor White realises he's wandered into Blackout.

Dr Abominable watches XS-42 break into his lair.

Mister I after session 5.

So I reverse image searched this picture and I found this…

The JeevesCorp Acronym Making System (JAMS)

Electronic Logical and Linguistic Interactive Entity (ELLIE)
Adaptive Heuristic Algorithms (AHA)
Extensive Understanding and Reasoning for Expansive Knowledge Acquisition (EUREKA)
Technology Emergency Devastating Defence Yutility (TEDDY)
TEDDY and ELLIE Synchronised System and Interactive Entity (TESSIE)
Legally or Otherwise Verifiably Entirely not Lying to You (LOVELY)
TESSIE Enhanced Armoured Mechsuits (TEAM)
JeevesCorp Artificial Matrix for Exquisite Search (JAMES, the original concept for ELLIE)
Removed and Entirely Destroyed, Annihilated, Cleaned and Totally Entirely Deleted [REDACTED]
Technologically Enhanced Armoured Mechsuits (TEAM v2)
Constructive Organised Nanobot Swarm (CONS)
Collective Employed Lifelike Intelligent Agent (CELIA)
Moon Originated Omnivorous Paste (MOOP)
Big-Ass Shipping Kontainer for Emotional Traumas (BASKET)
Vicious and Incredibly Naturey Extrusions (VINE)
Badass Officer of Supreme Success (BOSS)
Constructed Living Organism for Neural Editing (CLONE)
Damn! Incredibly Nasty Organism (DINO)
Administrative Drone for Moderating Internet Nonsense (ADMIN)
Particularly Irritated and Somehow Somewhat Exceptionally Disappointed (PISSED)

Reasons to suspect CRISIS! is reality

Things Crisis Characters Should Have Said...But Didn't

Lord Luck: “Everything I've done has come from a place of love…or humour”

Captain Price, upon leaving SPEAR: “I guess I'm Priced out of your market”

Lord Luck: “Dear Kelly, my benevolent mentor and employer,”
Anathema: “AVALON”
Unison: “There's been some confusion over housing in the Forge…“

Out Of Context CRISIS Quotes

“You don't bring a Garuda to a Dragon fight”

“What's polyamory?”

“the wolf drops”


“Can I give the cat a cigarette?”

“Just a quick ELLIE”

“Just a quick CAITLIN”

“We are NOT getting 3 elephants”

In Context CRISIS Quotes

Bliss: Teamwork is very important.
Nicasius (not missing a beat): I taught her that.
Bliss: My speciality is one-to-one personal liaison.
Nicasius (not missing a beat): I didn't teach her that.

Steph's inability to let Crisis end

Crisis 2: The MOOP Strikes Back
Crisis 2: Return of the MOOP
Crisis 2: A New MOOP

Crisis 2 is simply an environmental documentary about living through a moop epidemic. There are no heroes, or villains, or for that matter buildings. There is only the moop, and the struggles of the survivors living amidst an ocean of sentient sludge intent on eating them. - JTM

Crisis 2: MOOPworld

Crisis 2: MOOP Drop.

Crisis 2 : Electric MOOPaloo

Crisis 2: This time, it's MOOP.


Demonic Pudding

With thanks to Rowan for pointing this out :

Couch, the Last Universal Constant

The couch turns out to be a Universal Constant, Couch. Cameron becomes obsessed with playing them, abandoning Despair entirely and allowing Steph to destroy the corner shop and get away with it entirely. Justice is merged this turn, but is ultimately killed (along with Death) by Couch's magnificently overpowered abilities.

Noble Keep is subsumed into the afterlife, as is the rest of Scotland. The World Government reinstates SPEAR as an exclusively anti-furniture taskforce, CHAIR.

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