Gamasot Laboratories


“So, you want to live forever? Well, we can't do that - yet. But with Gamasot, you can come close…”

- Dr Marama Serafim, Public Announcement of the Hospitals Initiative

Gamasot Laboratories is the world's foremost medical company, and one newly relocated to Capital City. Lack of regulation at their main research facility in largely-abandoned, irradiated Australia has allowed them to pioneer drugs on a timescale other pharmaceutical companies can only envy, including a profitable sideline in genetic therapies. In a world where genetics-based powers can cause problems even to their owners, cybernetic rejection often requires costly and personalised drugs, and those with alien biologies frequently need help adapting to Earth, Gamasot Laboratories is often the first port of call. Despite a background in pharmaceutical development, Gamasot Laboratories also has a more public face: the Hospitals Initiative, a chain of hospitals led by a Gamasot employee with a healing superpower, and recently subsidised as a public service in Capital City (alongside the city's own hospitals).


Originally founded in 1965 in Korea, Gamasot Laboratories only took off after the Australian Crisis of 1967. Seeing the newly ungoverned continent as a revolutionary opportunity, Gamasot rapidly relocated most research operations to Australia in 1973. The lack of pharmaceutical regulation inherent in living in a radioactive wasteland soon allowed Gamasot to outpace its competitors in research - over the years releasing such modern medical marvels as the portable anesthetisers used today, a range of new antibiotics and ADAPT, a successful treatment course for those whose bodies rejected the first generation of cybernetic implants. In 2030, they began their most recent string of takeovers, buying out main competitors Rew Industries and QuellTech - securing Gamasot's place as the world's foremost pharmaceutical company.

Primary Testing

Since the founding of Primary Testing, the Australian facility, there have been several attempts to monitor post-crisis Australia, few successful - remote environmental surveys (mainly using robotics) have experienced frequent equipment failure, and Gamasot itself has been resistant, citing both privacy and safety concerns on behalf of its facility. However, Primary Testing is research-only, and even then is in collaboration with its secondary laboratories across the globe. Drug and equipment manufacturing is likewise a global process.

The Hospitals Initiative

The successful Hospitals Initiative was a more recent programme, its start coinciding with the location of its new headquarters in Capital City a decade ago in a move championed by the current CEO, James Choi - an effort to diversify the company's business. Since then, the Initiative has been led by Dr Marama Serafim, who has overseen its expansion throughout Capital City, and eventually negotiated its partial use as a public service with the Committee.

Gamasot Today

Gamasot are a recent addition to Capital City, rapidly becoming a major influence. Their hospitals are ubiquitous, now responsible for a large portion of medical care in the city after the Committee voted to hire them to provide a free public service for citizens. In the last ten years, they've become especially well known for their genetic therapies and handling of superpower-related maladies - this has bolstered their public image, and the widely known Dr Marama Serafim has become a rather well-liked figure. Meanwhile, most characters will have previously encountered Gamasot projects through their pharmaceuticals: Gamasot Laboratories is the world's dominant medical corporation, and supplies the majority of proprietary drugs.

While their main research facility remains in Australia, many scientists collaborate with them across the globe, a large proportion from Capital City itself due to the increased Gamasot presence there - and the facilities provided by the Hospitals Initiative, in which several smaller research groups are based. Their employees receive monthly medical exams, and unsurprisingly appear among the healthier individuals in the city.

The Hospitals Initiative

Still largely Capital City based, this is Gamasot's wing of private hospitals, now providing public care after a contract with the Committee. They treat complaints of all kinds, but are especially known for their aid in more anomalous maladies: frequently the result of superpowers. The Hospitals Initiative is led by Marama Serafim (Asklepios) who often heads up public relations for the company as well, as a more familiar and accepted face in the City.

“It's hard work in the Initiative - and half of that's just dealing with Asklepios' high expectations! Entirely worth it, though. Have you seen our new work on implant rejection? It's the latest batch from Primary that does it.”

Research and Development

Gamasot's main research programme, in charge of finding promising areas for future development. Those that prove interesting are normally fast-tracked through the Australian research facility, Primary Testing, and the scientists responsible frequently receive a promotion to the same institution.

Primary Testing

Gamasot's Australian research body, and responsible for most of their more notable medical advances. Promotion to the prestigious facility itself happens rarely, but many employees work loosely with them from other regions of the globe. Primary Testing is supervised personally by Dr Kelly Moon.

GM Note: You cannot start the game as a member of Primary Testing.

“Oh, I'd love to talk about Primary, but we don't hear much out here. I did work with one of them once, though - shipped over some components they couldn't get locally. Who knows? Maybe some of my work ended up in one of the new treatments.”


As a global company, Gamasot's administration is similarly vast. Negotiation, legal matters, and overseeing manufacturing - some part of Gamasot's administration will handle it.


(OC Note: The Rank (+2) Trope will have a different effect depending on your role in Gamasot. Researchers can expect greater freedom and access to company funds for their work, while those in the Hospitals Initiative could head one of the city's secondary hospitals, or take charge of a department. Administrators with the Rank trope could take on executive roles - regional heads, or taking charge of one of Gamasot's main manufacturing centres. Let the GMs know what you'd like your character's role to be within these broad limits.)

Places of Note

The Choi Dome

A steel and glass domed building near the shore of Lake Geneva. Constructed a decade ago to house Gamasot's expanding corporate infrastructure in Capital City, it contains the new offices of Gamasot's CEO, its administration and legal departments, and smaller laboratories for the R&D teams not working in the hospitals themselves. As a working environment, it is frequently envied by employees at Gamasot's other institutions, with its views over Lake Geneva and spacious grounds.

Primary Testing

A substantial facility located somewhere in western Australia. Its exact whereabouts are unknown - Gamasot is notably private about its main research site, even attempting to get large parts of the continent marked as no-fly zones on the grounds of safety.

Gamasot Hospitals

A set of hospitals across the breadth of Capital City, the Hospitals Initiative's facilities are state of the art - especially when it comes to treating more esoteric maladies such as cybernetic rejection and genetic superpowers. They have become a public service, paid for by the city's Committee, so that any citizen of Capital City may use them for most procedures (though the Committee may not wholly cover more specialised and complicated operations, nor any deemed unnecessary for public health - cybernetic implants installed without a medical necessity, for instance, is likely to be up to your personal finances). They are widespread, but exist alongside the city's own public hospitals.

People of Note

James Choi

CEO, and instigator of Gamasot's new public face: the Capital City headquarters and the Hospitals Initiative. He has developed a reputation as a bold, decisive leader, after the success of Gamasot's new wing, the company's first major change in decades.

Asklepios/Dr Marama Serafim

The superpowered head of the Hospitals Initiative, and unofficial PR representative for Gamasot. Possessed of healing powers of unknown degree - though it is widely known that patients at the Central Hospital where she works have an even better recovery rate than most cared for by Gamasot. She's reputedly extremely proud of the Initiative, and known for her micromanagement of every facet of the project.

Dr Kelly Moon

Head of Research, and in charge of the Australian facility. Currently on an extended visit to Capital City. Little is known about her personally, due to her extremely remote job, but the recent developments in medication for those whose bodies reject their own cybernetic implants are widely attributed to her own research.

Martin Falk

Known for his rather easygoing approach (and almost enforced informality in his office), Falk is the regional administrator for Gamasot's Capital City operations - making sure the local researchers and hospitals get what they need, maintaining the relationships and agreement with the city's Committee, and serving as a bridge between the local employees and upper Administration in the Choi Dome.

Opinions of Other Organisations


'As one of SPEAR's primary suppliers, we have a highly agreeable arrangement. We stand ready to support SPEAR with the medical resources they require.' - James Choi, CEO


“The World Government hasn't been perfect, but it has brought peace and rights to many. That is not to be underestimated. As for the Separatists, anybody in the Initiative who sympathises with their more extreme methods… well, they'll answer to me” - Dr Marama Serafim


Gamasot has made no public statement on Garuda, either condemning or celebrating their actions. Many of their members have likely been treated via the growing Hospitals Initiative, however, and rumour suggests some sympathy within parts of Gamasot for the organisation's goals.

The Heart

“Naturally, we condemn the actions of criminal enterprises such as The Heart” - James Choi, CEO

The Rothwell Science Park

“Rothwell have numerous brilliant scientists. Our areas of interest rarely overlap, but when they do, the Science Park are a pleasure to work alongside. With the citywide increase in magical injuries, I'm sure the Hospitals Initiative will be consulting the Science Park more in the near future.” - Dr Marama Serafim


“We look forward to a productive partnership with long-established, traditional Capital City companies like JeevesCorp.” - James Choi, CEO

“Bit of a rivalry going on there. No idea why, though.” - Maria Park, Hospitals employee


Gamasot Laboratories has had few public interactions with Temple and its members. No doubt some employees are part of the growing organisation, but so far Gamasot has released no public statement.

The Summits

“A disaster with the Moon? Our experience may be biological, but whatever effort is made to solve this crisis will still need medical support. And that is a Gamasot matter. And a gathering of these sorts of individuals always holds opportunity for profit - or at least learning.” - Dr Kelly Moon

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