SPEAR (SuperPowered Enforcement, Assault, and Recon) is the World Government's police, military, intelligence, and security force. Formed from the best and brightest of the world's heroes, it is committed to the safety and security of all those under the World Government's aegis. SPEAR has jurisdiction to enforce any law defined by a Directive of the World Government, or to intervene to ensure public order. The enforcement of national laws is left to national police forces and superhero groups.

SPEAR is split into three divisions. Aegis acts as the World Government's police force, going after wanted supervillains and others who break international laws. Gladius is the army, but lack of external threats and funding means that almost the entire division is made up of reserves who can be called up when needed. Oculus are the intelligence service, feeding information to Aegis, or undertaking clandestine missions to deal with enemies of the state that the public is best kept unaware of. Each division has several subdivisions.

Almost the entire service has superpowers. Those without can generally find a job, but will be looked down upon by those with powers, and generally stuck in desk jobs rather than out in the field. There are rumours that Oracle makes use of a number of ordinary individuals, but it would take someone exceptional to get anywhere in either of the other divisions.

SPEAR produces very little of its own equipment. Some of the heroes will of course develop their own gadgets, but any equipment ordered by the SPEAR divisions will generally come from one of Gamasot Laboratories, JeevesCorp or the Rothwell Science Park.

SPEAR traditionally uses names from Greek or Roman mythology for its subdivisions. Many of the SPEAR operatives have taken this further, finding some figure of mythology which mostly fits their role and powers, and adopting that name as their identity. This is much to the annoyance of several classicists, who point out the frequent inaccuracies, and many others who feel that it is overly Eurocentric and harks back to the old days of direct rule by the Empires.


SPEAR was founded in 2020, with the creation of the World Government. From the start, SPEAR was split into three divisions, Aegis, Gladius, and Oculus. Aegis was originally envisioned as simply a coordinator between national police forces and superhero groups, but it quickly became apparent that an international force was required to uphold the law in an increasingly connected world. Gladius was originally a large standing army, well drilled and trained in case of alien invasion or severe unrest, but funding cuts and the lack of external threats meant that the standing army dwindled and the reserves list grew larger. The California Rebellion in 2062 proved that this model for Gladius could still deliver an effective force when needed, spurring further reductions in the permanent force. Oculus was established to infiltrate criminal and separatist organisations, providing intelligence to the Councils of the World Government. Exact information about Oculus' history is hard to come by, but they have been repeatedly praised in High Council meetings, and increases in their budget are almost always approved.

Originally, Aegis and Oculus were intended to enforce only Directives of the World Government, but as their manpower and funding grew, so did their areas of interest. By the time of the California Rebellion in 2062, there had been several incidents where Aegis had overridden local police forces in the name of “public order” - even to prosecute actions which were not forbidden by the law of the nation where they occurred. Similarly, Oculus had been blamed for the disappearance of several outspoken pro-independence figures in various nations. Aegis redoubled their efforts against separatist forces after the rebellion. Supporters of the World Government say that this is necessary to prevent further insurgency, but their opponents see it as brutal crackdowns attempting to claw more power to the High Council and remove the individual rights of the nations.


Each of the main divisions is split into several subdivisions, of which the most important are described below. Subdivisions range in size from a few dozen in a specialised team, up to a few hundred undertaking more general duties.

(OC Note: Your character may be a member of any of the subdivisions listed here, or of another subdivision under one of the three main divisions. If you have the Rank (+2) Trope, you may be the head of a subdivision or a member of The Furies.)

Enforcement: Aegis

Totally not SHIELD Aegis are the police force for the World Government. They are responsible for stopping and capturing supervillains and other criminals beyond the abilities of the mundane police forces. While their official stance is against vigilante activities, they have been known to work with freelance superheroes where necessary. Aegis are also responsible for the prison complex Tartarus, which houses the worst of the captured supervillains. There is a (mostly) friendly rivalry between the various subdivisions of Aegis, with different groups of supers jockeying for the glory of capturing an infamous villain.

In theory, Aegis only have power to enforce Council Directives and to intervene in cases where public order is threatened (i.e. it is up to each nation to enforce their own law, and the list of offences which Aegis can act upon is narrow). In practice, however, Aegis often intervene wherever they see fit, frequently overriding local authorities in the name of “public order” when they think that the local force is not doing a good enough job.

The Furies

The Furies are the best of the best, the finest heroes Aegis can recruit. They are responsible for taking down the most powerful supervillains. They have essentially unlimited budget, the pick of the new recruits, and more access to Oculus intelligence than any other part of Aegis. Competition to be selected for the Furies is fierce, but the fights they get into are fiercer still.

(OC Note: Your character may only be a member of The Furies if you have the Rank (+2) Trope)


Campe guard the prison complex Tartarus. The supers selected for this subdivision generally have powers suited to monitoring the prisoners, preventing escape, or ensuring swift recapture. There are also several heroes with teleportation powers in Campe, who ferry new inmates and visitors into the complex so that no one outside of the subdivision gets a good look at the defences.

The Lookout

(see Minor organisations)

The Lookout deal with more mundane crimes, acting alongside local police forces to make life better for ordinary citizens. They are generally looked down on from the higher divisions (many consider them a glorified neighbourhood watch), and pretty much left to do their own thing by those who are off hunting down supervillains. Unlike the rest of Aegis, they tend to avoid the excessive references to Greek and Roman mythology in their names, though many will adopt a classically styled codename if they later move to another subdivision.

Assault: Gladius

Welcome to Corneria! When SPEAR was formed, protocols were put in place to form an army in case of a future crisis on the scale of the Thuun invasion. Gladius is that army. The permanent force is small - only a few dozen supers - but the reserves list contains thousands of volunteers who can be called upon in times of need. Since the formation of SPEAR, Gladius has only been deployed once, as a peacekeeping force during the Californian Uprising.

Recon: Oculus

M Eye Five Oculus are the intelligence services of SPEAR. They are in charge of intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence work, and “black-ops” missions. Oculus provides briefings to Aegis, in order to allow them to locate and capture supervillains, and to the World Government, in order to inform policy decisions. In extreme cases, where the normal channels of justice would prove insufficient, Oculus may act to eliminate threats directly. They are rumoured to be behind several “retirements” of high profile villains.


Oracle is a mysterious source of intelligence. Whenever information has been obtained from Oracle, it's been accurate, and it's always been a serious hazard to the safety of the world. Rumours include Oracle identifying those who have an ability to see the future and containing them for use in predicting such events, a network of time-travelling warning beacons, and hyper-computers running atomic scale simulations of the entire world. None of these explanations has been officially confirmed or denied.



The three Commanders of SPEAR control Aegis, Gladius, and Oculus, respectively. Commanders are appointed by the World Government, based on recommendations from the subdivision heads. There is no fixed term of leadership, but they may be replaced at any time by a majority vote of both the High Council and the subdivision heads of the relevant division, or by a 66% majority in the High Council.

(OC Note: This rank is not available to players at game start)


Captains are the heads of subdivisions within SPEAR. They can be appointed by either the World Government or the Commander of the relevant division. Only a limited number of Captains may be appointed in the same year, to prevent either the High Council or the Commanders from gaming a vote of no confidence in a Commander.

(OC Note: This rank is only available to players with the Rank (+2) Trope)

Other Ranks

Within each subdivision, the Captain has authority to designate whatever ranks they wish. Some prefer a flat structure, with everyone reporting directly to the Captain, others have strict hierarchies and chains of command.

Places of Note


The headquarters of SPEAR, located in the heart of Capital City. A large, imposing building, with a wing for each of the three divisions, radiating out in a stylised spear. Aegis have the largest wing, forming the shaft and ridge of the spear, where most of their training centres, central barracks, and administrative facilities are located. The Gladius headquarters is on the northern blade, and contains supplies and secure bunkers in case of emergency. Oculus nominally occupies the southern blade, but they only appear to use it for basic administration.


Buried deep underneath The Matterhorn, Tartarus is the most secure prison facility the world has ever seen. Guarded by Campe, an elite force handpicked to provide the best possible defence, and to foil any escape plan, the complex boasts the best in magical and technological defences and surveillance systems. Of course, it also houses the most powerful and devious enemies of the state. A few have managed to escape in the past, but the number is very small compared to the number of near-daily attempts.


The headquarters of Oculus. Apollo took the decision to separate his division from the main headquarters to prevent information leaks. Elysium is located in the Andes, at the top of a mountain, and is the only sign of civilisation for miles around. Rumour has it that Apollo has set a challenge, saying that the top agent spots are open to anyone who can reach the centre of the facility undetected. So far there are no reports of any successful candidates.


The codename for the location of Oracle (if indeed Oracle has a single location). Generally found in communications where every other word is redacted.

People of Note


From the future, and filled to the brim with advanced nanites, Alecto is the current leader of the Furies and Commander of Aegis. This is hardly a desk job, and they are often seen in the field. When needed, their nanites will spread and boost the strength and durability of their companions, though the nanites cannot persist for long outside of Alecto. They also have considerable combat prowess on their own.


Captain of Campe, though she rarely stands guard duty now, taking more of a diplomatic role. Rumoured to shift into a horrifying form with hardened skin, claws, and vicious teeth when angered. Asking her about this is likely to earn you a punch in the face, but apparently doesn't make her angry enough to trigger it. Formerly a member of the Furies, but transferred to Campe to restructure the subdivision after several security concerns.


Commander of Gladius, Phalanx commands a fleet of combat drones via a neural interface in his head. The creation of the drones and interface was a project undertaken by the Rothwell Science Park on the orders of the World Government. The success of the prototype unit meant that SPEAR declined to order any more command interfaces, giving Phalanx sole control over several hundred combat-ready drones.


Commander of Oculus (or at least the public face), Apollo uses an experimental mind-machine interface to allow him to observe the Internet in real time. Apparently, the experience is somewhat akin to a mix of classical visions of cyberspace and walking through a crowded room occasionally picking out fragments of conversation.


Contact point for Oracle, the only way for anyone to get in touch unless they have very high clearance. Her powers (if indeed she has any) are unknown.

Opinions of Other Organisations

Formerly classified documents on limited release per Directive JQ832-94Z


The grouping of organisations known as the Separatists pose perhaps the greatest threat to global stability. Monitoring by Oculus, including [REDACTED] and intel gathered via the Oracle program has prevented several incidents, but constant vigilance is essential. All known associates are to be considered priority targets for arrest.

Their recent hijacking of a public television broadcast could indicate a planned resurgence in activities.

Threat level: RED


The vigilante group Garuda seem to serve mostly to get in the way of our own operations, though their contributions in the aftermath of natural disasters are recognised. Membership of the group is not yet a grounds for detention, but if any vigilante activities breach the law, they should be dealt with appropriately.

Threat level: Yellow

The Heart

While less of a direct threat to global stability than the separatists, the Heart is still a criminal enterprise, and as such capture of high ranking members is a priority. Any suspected members of Senary (the Heart's intelligence division) should be reported to Oculus.

Threat level: Orange

Gamasot, JeevesCorp, and the Rothwell Science Park

Each of these organisations is a recognised supplier of equipment for SPEAR. Projects which have been cleared will be handled by one of these three entities by preference, unless they are unable to meet the needs of the project. In this case, an alternative provider may be sought.

Threat level: Green


The latest intelligence shows this cult to be entirely benign. Passive monitoring only.

Threat level: Green

Report ends

The Summits

“Who exactly do these people think they are? This is clearly a global problem, and therefore within our remit. If we need help, we'll ask for it! Still, if anyone wants to go along to keep an eye on things, be my guest. You never know, we might even get a lead on some of our targets.” - Alecto

“As one of those invited to examine the safety measures in place, I'm impressed. They work exactly as advertised, though the mechanism is unclear. Exactly why the Kamalani Centre is hosting these is also a little hazy, perhaps it's just a publicity stunt, but worth looking into. We will be sending several agents, both open and covert, as there is likely to be much we can find out at these summits. I suggest the other divisions at least show face, as it would not do to seem uninvolved in this.” - Apollo

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