This is a list of all the NPCs played by each GM, and will be updated after each session. In order to contact these NPCs, please send an email to the GM playing them. At the request of a number of Players, pronouns have been included for each of the NPCs. Please note that “they” will be singular unless stated as otherwise.



Name Pronoun Description Costume Sessions
Dr. Maru HimuraSheRothwell ScientistLab Coat1,2,3
Chara-Lypi ColonomosTheyThe complaints commissionerOlive Jacket1
??? - Chara-lypiThey the late Chara-LypiOlive Jacket2,3,4
Amélie TorianSheRothwell Scientist in charge of the Moon MissionBlack Jacket with Gold Buttons1,2
Seong HanSheThe representative of the planning committeeCream Jacket1,5
Eris She Member of the Furies dead not dead generally ridiculous clothing2,3,4,5,6
Mr. RupertHeAn old man concerned about the local bus routesFur-lined cloak, Black hat2,3,4,5,6,7
???HeJanitor at Kamalani CentreRidiculous Beard, Cleaning cloth, safety goggles2,7
Director Richards He Head of the Rothwell Science Park Dark Suit Jacket 2,3,5,6
TheWow They Creator of Superhub Blue Waiscoat 4,5,6
Markus DeLantos He Someone who looks suspiciously similar to the Closest Continuer Jumper 4,6
Telestra D’Uscaret They A researcher at Rothwell Labcoat 5,6,7
??? ??? A journalist Green Jacket, Hat, Notepad 6
Hope Roberts She A young woman Cream Jacket 7
??? ??? A giant non-euclidean gingerbread man Bobble hat, Fur cape 7



BlitzSheHead of Phoenix division in Garuda.Gold and black mask, blonde wig.1,2,3,4,5
SparrowHeAgent of Lyre division in Garuda.Blue and green peacock themed mask.1,2,4,5
Keith InoueHeHead of Rothwell's outreach program.Black blazer.1
Sheryl WhiteSheHead of HR at Mom and Pop ConglomerateBlue blazer.2
Donna BlakeSheHead of Security at Polaris IndustriesBlonde wig2,3
FabianHeA guy ranting about demons 3
Celeste L'ÉclairSheHead of HR at Polaris IndustriesPeacock tie3
The Wizard of MenloHeThomas EdisonCape and light bulb mask3
MercyThey???Red and white shield mask.3,4,5
CAITLINTheyAn AI of some sort.CAITLIN Mask.4,5
BatallionSheA woman in an exosuit. Member of Garuda.Armour, crosshair mask.4
ArachnaeThey (Plural)A humanoid mass of nanobots and spider drones.Goggles, something silver5



Name Pronoun Description Costume Sessions
One He Boss of the Promptuary in the Heart Long beige coat, big black book, mask covered in ones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Bird Bomb He Commander at the Lookout Owl mask, green military hat, black jacket 1
Captain Birch She Leader of Environment First Mask with leaves, curly blonde wig, silver cape 1
Dennis Brackenbury He Manager of the Golden Age Retirement Home Black jacket 2
??? They A curious citizen of the world No notable costuming 2
Spacetime They A universal constant; the manifestation of the concept of Space and Time Shiny blue robe-top 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Duo She Second in command of Senary in the Heart Mask with red even numbers, green jacket 4, 5, 6, 7
Elenore Perica She Wealthy inventor and co-founder of Perica Cybernetics; co-founder of PAT (Parents Against Temple) Lab coat 4, 5
Will Drift He Party boy with striking resemblance to Drifter Top hat 5, 6
??? It Nameless spirit entity Black and red feather boas 7



Name Pronoun Description Costume Sessions
Eleanore JeevesSheCEO of JeevesCorpBlue jacket1, 2, 3
Magister ExcogitatorisHeMagister of TempleWizard hat1, 2, 3
Dr Kelly MoonSheHead of Research for GamasotLab coat1, 2, 3, 4, 5
FangSheMember of Garuda/CarrionDecorated mask1, 2, 3, 4
TimothyHeRecently reappearedBlack coat2
Jeeves Announcement AITheyTelepresence avatar3, 4, 5
PunishmentTheyArmour4, 5



Name Pronoun Description Costume Sessions
Dr Marama Serafim / AsklepiosSheHead of the Hospitals Initiative for Gamasot LaboratoriesSilver Cape/Labcoat, Mask With Snake, Blue Headscarf1,2,3,4,5,6
Natalya Tamzen-VolkovSheChief Engineer Of the CoreLabcoat, Circuit Board Mask1,4,6
KnightTheyPR Rep for JeevesCorpBoiler Suit, Knights Helm Mask1,2,4,5,6
MortimerTheyJanitor at Kamalani Centre/LIFEDEATHRidiculous Beard, Overalls, Squirty Bottle/Cleaning Cloth1,3,4
Beta [CAPTURED] [FREED]HeAlien Member of the HEARTBlue Hair, Woolly Hat, Waistcoat, Jacket2,4,5,6
OrionHeMember of the FuriesMask, cape2
PrometheusHeBringer of FireFlaming Stick2
Jo SmithThey???Faux-Military Jacket/Shirt, White Skirt3,5
The Scarlet PointHeEx-Retired SupervillainMark with Red Triangles, White Wig, Green Jacket3
LifeDeathTheyUniversal Concept, The manifestation of life and deathBlack Cloak, Face Masks4,5,6
The Pigeon???He???Looks Remarkably Like The Pigeon5,6
Bjorn LudvigssonHeEmployee of GamasotAustralian Hat with Corks, Odd reptilianish mask3?
Teresa Vitium-PriceSheMother of Eric Vitium-PriceShirt, skirt, blue scarf6



Ariel VanceHeThe Executive of Capital CityA black suit and tie1,2,3,4,5,6
Quench [DEAD]HeA Nexus, head of the Temple security forceShades1,2,3,4,5,6
Yuan Cho [DEAD]HePart of Polaris' R&D departmentA black suit1,2
TEDDY [AMALGMATED]TEDDYAn AIA large furry cloak1,2
BiaSheA FuryA black mask2,3,4,5,6
James Choi [ARRESTED]HeCEO of GamasotA black suit2,3,4,5,6
??? [MISSING]He???Antlers2
TALLY [DEACTIVATED]ShePolitically Neutral Voting AIA Crown3,4
AlphaSheBoss of Bone ScriptThe Alpha Mask3,4,5,6



Johannes KamalaniHeManager of the Kamalani CentreWhite shirt, blue waistcoat1,2,3
ApolloHeCommander of OculusBlack and red shirt, suit jacket, black cape. Mask with silver and bronze circuit design and eye symbols1,2,3
AlectoTheyCommander of Aegis, leader of the FuriesArmour and pistol. Mask with shield emblem and purple beams1,2,3
RangerHeHead of CarrionBlack mask (red eyes to be added for session 3+), leather cloak 2,3
ProsoponHeSerial KillerPlain white mask3
Tesla AKA CoilHeGreat scientistSilver cloak, the most steampunky kit I can find at the time, mask with arc between two coils3



Name Pronoun Description Costume Sessions
CrwydraTheyA Filidhean in Temple Silver Cloak 1
James FlemmingHe PR Representative Black suit, fancy tie 1
David BlakeHeCEO of Polaris Black Suit and normal tie 1
Ceres She Head of the Lotophagi, the SPEAR counter-smuggling subdivisionCornucopia on mask
AlexHe Concerned citizen Blue t- shirt 1
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