Minor Organisations

The Golden Age Retirement Home

When you've suffered just one hip break too many and fighting your nemesis has nothing to do with it, it may be time to hang up your cape. But what next? Your kids have flown the coop, your super-colleagues have already taken their leave, and that nurse that's been hired to look after you has a bit of a shifty look in their eyes. Luckily for you, the Golden Age Retirement Home is here for all your post-career needs. With trained and dedicated staff working around the clock, facilities to cater to every weird mutation you might have received at any point (including pre-birth), and a variety of activities from calisthenics to group engineering projects to keep you occupied, rest assured that your stay at our Home will be pleasant and comfortable. Whether you were a hero, villain, sidekick, or something in between, the Golden Age Retirement Home will be happy to accommodate you - and all for a very reasonable price. With our prime location right here in Capital City, and a proven track record above and beyond other retirement homes of this nature, it's money well spent. For further information not covered in the pamphlet, the current manager Mr. Brackenbury is happy to arrange a meeting.

Please note that Bingo Wednesdays is currently unavailable due to the incident last month. Rest assured that the ever-fire is extinguished and repairs on the former Activities Hall 2 are now underway.

Please also note that any weapons, or anything that could be used as such, must be handed over for inspection before you are permitted entrance to our Home.

Mom & Pop™

Those big corporations may be able to sell you fancy gadgets and mass-produced gizmos, but who do you go to when all you want is a nice, home-made potato battery for the kids? Or those fiddly little parts that bigger companies just wouldn't sell for fear of making a loss? While the big boys may forget the little things, there are inevitably those little stores, kept in the family for generations, run with heart as much as for profit. Five years ago, the Mom & Pop™ website was set up, allowing for collaboration between the little guys, and, beyond that, offering assistance of its own in times of need. But it's more than just another business alliance; it's a family. A family growing every day. A family with a few stringent requirements that must be met before you join. A family that requires you to meet certain quotas every month. A family that wants you to succeed, and knows there are worse consequences than simply being disowned.

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but parents understand that. Mom & Pop™ understands that. If you want to become one of the Kids™, Mom & Pop™ hopes that you, too, will grow to understand that.

To arrange an interview, please contact the head of HR, Ms. Sheryl White.

The Lookout

The war against crime and injustice is long and brutal, no doubt about it. Heroes are fighting every day for what's right for everyone. Every battle fought against evil is important. But - no question - not every battle is one for the newspapers. Some of the best damn heroes will not be remembered by the world, but does that mean they didn't matter? That they didn't make a difference? No! We're not in this war for glory. We know that some problems just don't get the attention they deserve, and why? Because some people think they're too small, or too insignificant. But when I go into work every day, whether I'm saving a cat from a tree or catching a purse-snatcher, I know I've helped make the world just that bit nicer for everyone in it.

The Lookout is here to keep watch for the little guys.

- Bird Bomb, Commander at the Lookout

The Lookout is currently offering internships and fast-track opportunities to its parent organization, SPEAR. If you think you could make a difference, apply today.

Disclaimer: The Lookout aims to provide an excellent service to its citizens above and beyond the standard policing methods. The Lookout aims to make communities safer and happier places to be. The Lookout may, at times, work in conjunction with the police, but advises those interested primarily in police work to consider submitting their application to a local police academy instead.


The war against crime and injustice is really tough and blah, blah, blah, who cares. We're not in this game to have some meaningful difference to everyone, everywhere, am I right? We're here to make a tidy profit and have some fun. We'll leave the big stuff to the big guys. Leave them with their heads in the clouds. You and me? We have a job to do. Sure, we're not going to rob a bank - leave that to the rest of the Heart. We're a specific division, after all. A specific division who robs jewellery stores, steals purses, and - hell, why not? - takes candy from babies. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Just messing with you. It only gets tough when one of those Lookout idiots interferes, and don't you just love it when someone gives you an opportunity to kick their teeth in?

I'm sure you're bursting to ask how to join. Get our attention in Capital City, and we'll be in touch with some fantastic opportunities, internships, whatever. Maybe after you earn our trust, we can tell you where in Capital our base is.

And please, don't ask me what 'CRUSH' stands for. If you don't know, make something up like the rest of us.

- Entomostab, CRUSH's #3

World Freedom Alliance

There is a serious problem with a world that allows these so-called 'supers' free reign. We are tied to these people, shackled to the possibility of what they could do next. There are good ones out there - just look at the newspapers or the web for article after article lauding what the latest one has done. But even good ones do bad things, whether it's accidentally crushing someone under a falling building, or destroying a whole neighbourhood to root out a few bad apples. And there's no telling when some of them might snap.

The World Freedom Alliance represents those that believe we, as a society, need to change our perspective. Need to stop relying on these people. There's no telling when a particularly dangerous one might snap. Instead, we should be the one breaking the shackles that keep us forever waiting on the edges of our seats for the day when we just happen to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and become nothing more than a pavement stain. Our founder, Amaryllis Amarillo was lucky enough to survive one such encounter back in 2025, unlike her family. Overnight, she went from a fan of these superhumans to an avid protester. A few months later, the Alliance was born, and its mission, along with its leader, has not changed: superheroes, supervillains, and anyone in between should be disarmed, for the greater good of humanity. But this is a goal we must achieve together. The Alliance may have limited influence for now, but it looks to the future. To you. To what we can achieve together.

Super Hub


Super Hub is a multimedia, social networking website; an online utopia where people can discuss their opinions about superheroes, supervillains, sidekicks, those superneutral guys, and just about anything else super. It is not at all notorious for having members meet in real life to shout about which super is better. The person behind the website, still-anonymous user The Wow, considers these as lively debates, and encourages everyone else to think the same. Encouraging supers in their super-jobs or super-pasttimes is a good thing. Excessive encouragement is also a good thing. There is no such thing as excessive encouragement, because encouragement can never be excessive. This is not a contradiction. 'Excessive' encouragement may be exactly the right level. This is correct.

Free to access and free to use, the Hub is a vibrant community worth joining today. This minute. Right now.

Environment First

Imagine this: you have a day off and you want to spend it somewhere nice. You pack yourself a picnic, a blanket, and sunscreen. You're going to have exactly the kind of relaxing day you deserve. You step outside, and make your way to the local park. You get sunburn in minutes. Your flip-flops melt onto the pavement. You run to the park, only to find all the plants are dead, and the park is a desolate waste. You jump into the decorative pond for some kind of relief, only to find that is has dried up. You roll in the dirt instead.

Perhaps you're thinking how unfair life is. All the wildlife and damaged ecosystems agree with you. The above scenario may well be exactly the kind of relaxing day you deserve. Environment First is an organization that strives to fix the environment, one tree at a time. Led by environmentalist hero and all-round inspiration, Captain Birch, Environment First is here to show people that now is the time to care. Now is the time to stop littering and polluting. Now is the time for action.

Some actions may be extreme. But extreme actions are just one way to show that we care.

Polaris Industries

Polaris: Evening the odds through superior fire-power - Unofficial Company Slogan

Polaris Industries specialises in the development and production of military hardware. While we mostly focus on refining and improving more traditional firearms, and have them down to an art form, we can also provide something fancier if you want to be packing a bit more of a punch. Lasers? We can do that. Sonic weapons? No problem. Stun guns? Easy. We sell to private gun owners, and offer a significant discount to the peacekeeping branches of local authorities. In a world where so many people seem larger than life, Polaris is always there to look out for the little guy.

Formed in a merger between various manufacturing companies and smaller research facilities, Polaris Industries is relatively new on the scene, but the effects of our efforts are already being felt the world over. Our CEO, David Blake, former big cheese of Blake's Engineering firm, took his new position after the merger and has driven us onwards and upwards to this day.

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