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The Separatists are an old organisation, and have often operated in the shadows. The secrecy of the hideout is important, as it keeps their identities safe - despite numerous attempts by outside organisations, the Separatist base has yet to be found, and some are even members of other factions as cover.

Many of the members within the city have developed their own gadgets, giving them an edge in their missions. They are working to stop the World Government from giving supers too much power. Above all, the organisation is interested in maintaining balance. Thanks to the advances and general recognition of tech powers, the fight against powers something pursued only by a few radicals within the organisation. The majority's focus is primarily on working against the World Government, fighting for alternative political solutions. Due to the unclear morals of the factions interests, it harbours many anti-heroes and vigilantes - or rather, this can be extrapolated from the identities of its known famous members.

Rumour has it the Separatists are comprised mainly of ordinaries. These are people that were born without powers, but who have either gained incredible skill through years of training, or have used technology to augment their natural abilities. However, many people remain powerless and without the time or the funds to train or develop superpowers. It is these people in particular that the Separatists seek to protect through their campaign for autonomy.

Two common symbols used by the organisation (Black Hand and the Separatist knot):

Black Hand

Separatist Knot

United we stand, divided we fall
Graffiti found underneath the Black Hand symbol in the Forge

For years we have watched how the World Government have oppressed and abused us, with those who have the power to stop them standing idly by. For years we have seen them explain away the hardships they cause us as 'collateral damage' and being for 'the greater good'. How much more of this are you willing to take? How much more of your blood needs to be spilled before you see the police in the employ of the government for what they truly are? Butchers and psychopaths. You need not be helpless. We can protect you if you join us. United we stand, divided we fall” - Extract from speech screened on Capital City's news channel recently, after a cyber attack hijacked the signal


Early History: 1000 BC - 1917

The Separatists like to trace their origins back to antiquity. Many have claimed that the group's ideals existed since the days of the legendary hero known as Prometheus, who led the first rebellion of ordinaries. Since then, many have followed in his footsteps, notably the superhero Spartacus, who led some prominent separatist movements. The only verifiable sources, however, often reported these events several decades later, making the exact origin of the group difficult to place.

The earliest verifiable sources of organised separatist cells arose in the late 18th century with the rise of American nationalism and the industrial revolution. Over the next twelve decades, increasing tensions between imperialism and nationalism, as well as the growing possibilities of technology, led to a golden era for the Separatists in which they were a widespread organisation with branches on every continent fighting for their respective causes.

The Eurasian shift and tensions: 1900s - 1950s

In the early twentieth century, rapid industrialisation in Japan led to a string of military successes against its natural rivals in the region and soon a new Empire started to emerge. With the various empires already in Europe, along with the ongoing rise of America as a world power, few truly independent countries remained. As the empires overstretched however, more and more regions sought independence. Only brutal crackdowns from the centre, usually carried out by special units of supers, kept these regions in check. Similar trends could be spotted across all of the major powers. It was natural for the Separatists to develop as a counter-force. Within the next decades, the Separatists essentially became a balancing power, fighting for the protection of ordinaries and the general stance of preventing the formation of a world government dominated and ruled by the supers.

During the disasters from 1920 onwards, the grip of the empires on many of those they oppressed grew weaker. Despite the world-wide tragedies, there were some victories. The African continent, for example, was freed from its oppressors by the end of the 1950s, and was revitalised. Later, other colonies would manage to claim similar freedoms albeit short-lived ones, thanks to the establishment of the World Government.

Decline and Opportunities: 1960s - Present

Although empires continued to shrink and dissolve as the 20th century wore on, the joy in these victories was dampened. An earnest attempt to encourage Australia to seek independence ended in tragedy. 1967 saw the devastating destruction of the country by the new force out there: nuclear capabilities. Beyond this vast destruction, reactions to the radiation created many who, after mutations, found themselves with superpowers. There are notable examples of some of these victims being further exploited by the Global Council.

The formation of the Global Council, the need to blame someone for the Australian tragedy other than Dr Atom, and the ever-increasing reliance on those with powers saw the decline in separatist movements. Many left, weakening the organisation. Those that remained with the organisation became far more secretive.

The move towards the final formation of the World Government was slow but sure. Some wishing for autonomy were silenced in secret, their voices crushed. Many hushed up operations were undertaken before the eventual establishment of the World Government in 2020 (and, indeed, beyond this point as well). The independent states became obsolete. Many ordinaries were made victims of circumstance, caught in the political movements, their rights trampled. Despite the Separatists' best efforts, they were still weakened, still not quite enough to make the push for freedom. Some victims were saved; far too many were not.

In the unipolar world that followed, enforced by SPEAR, the Separatists have receded yet further into the shadows, now clearly much weaker then they once were. However, the present crisis may provide an ideal opportunity for all the ordinaries born without any special powers to re-balance the scales in their favour.

Historical Figures of Note

Tesla AKA Coil

Master. Tesla had joined the Separatists in his youth, when he was striving for autonomy from the Austrian Empire. Later, he wanted to use his advances in the field of electricity to provide free power for everyone, significantly improving the lives of the poor.


Ada Lovelace AKA Countess

Master. Lovelace recognised very early on that computers could advance humans beyond any limits imaginable. Being able to decode intelligence faster than anyone else put her in the prime position of being able to protect those likely to come to harm due to the machinations of the empires.


Rasputin AKA Monk

Master. Little is know about Rasputin's other life, other than that became a Separatist when he started fighting for Russian autonomy. It is rumoured that he was a high-ranking member of Temple before then.


The Separatists Today

Black Hand's organisation is done regionally, but all regional branches have the same command structure. Within Capital City, Black Hand is comprised of five different ranks in order of increasing responsibility and importance within the group. Members are promoted according to their achievements, the fulfillment of Separatist tasks, and operations towards its end goal.

The Ranks


Initiates are the new members. Usually, Initiates have recently developed or discovered their abilities and/or skills. As many Separatists are ordinaries, relying on tech or their own ingenuity for success, magical or genetic supers are rarely admitted unless if they show extreme dedication to the cause. All new members have to be ready to provide other members with their technical know-how. They are also required to help stand up against the World Government and supers infringing on the rights of innocents.


Stewards have been in the Separatist ranks for longer than Initiates, and have shown their commitment to the cause. They are usually in charge of some of the basic training of the Initiates and often take on more Black Hand tasks, as they are more trusted with their successful completion. They are responsible for some of the menial tasks that keep the Separatist group running day to day.

(OC Note: This rank is only available to players with the Rank (+2) Trope)


Deacons form the first officer rank of Black Hand. Deacons provide resources and coordinate larger operations. Members can get promoted to the rank of Deacon after important victories or after an especially risky undertaking has been successful. Some Deacons take on special roles, such as Treasurer, Secretary and Head of Training.

(OC Note: This rank is not available to players at game start)


Deacons who have proved themselves worthy are promoted to the rank of Warden. Wardens hold the second highest position and are senior officers of the Separatists. They are responsible for the protection of the Master and the smooth running of Separatist affairs. There are five Wardens at all times: three who guard the Master and two who coordinate operations.

(OC Note: This rank is not available to players at game start)


The top of the pyramid is taken by the Master. These are individuals who have fought for a long time for ordinaries' rights and have shown sufficient skill to rise through the ranks and be granted regional office. Each branch has only one Master. In case of the death of a Master, the Wardens elect one of their own to follow in the Master's footsteps.

(OC Note: This rank is not available to players at game start)

Places of Note

It is rumoured that the Separatists have their headquarters below the city. As many of their members aren't known by police forces and are somewhat dubious on the moral scale, this level of secrecy serves the organisation well. Given the low number of arrests and high activity from their organisation in recent years, it's also reasonable to assume that they have an extensive network throughout Capital City. However, since few active members have been arrested or identified, and those that have have given little to no information, confirming the rumours is very tricky.

Apart from the headquarters, the Separatists have several fronts in and around Capital City. Most of these are contacts and small operations in the Forge. Aside from these, the Separatists operate mostly in cells that receive their orders from headquarters or a contact, to facilitate planning.

People of Note

Black Panther

Rumoured to be a female ordinary from the poor parts of Capital City, Black Panther made a name as a master thief famous for her daring heists against the rich and famous. Thanks to disributing the spoils of her heists to the poor and needy ordinaries in the slums, she has risen to fame among many slum populations. It is rumoured that incredible skill in hiding in plain sight is what allows her to pull off these operations, although some also claim that she has a lot of gadgets to help her out.

Grey Wolf

Rumoured to be a young woman, Grey Wolf operates from the shadows. Her name is but a rumour on the streets, often associated with hacking attacks against big businesses and greedy corporations. Very little is known about her other than her chosen identity.

Silver Fox

Known only to be a middle aged man with a flair for flamboyant tie knots. Silver Fox has gotten himself a name for stealing some rather valuable paintings out of penthouses with supposedly impenetrable security defences. Little is known about him; although he is rumoured to have a very large network of associates, and he likely received some professional training for his skills. Who from, when and for what purpose is unknown.

Snow Leopard

Word has it Snow Leopard is responsible for some demolitions and weapons robberies from SPEAR. Blends into surroundings and seems to be a very strong fighter. Any other details, including age and gender, are unknown.


A female separatist who relies on disguise, subterfuge, social engineering and seduction to get secrets and items from the rich and wealthy. Recently ran a scheme against a mid-ranking SPEAR official, giving her access to several thousand classified documents, and ending in a high-profile divorce case for him.

Opinions of Other Factions


  • They are a danger, concentrating increasing amounts of power in the hands of an unaccountable minority that abuse their powers for their own purposes. They must be stopped” - Zer0, Initiate


  • I could imagine myself working with them. Their aims don't seem that different from ours” - Lynx, rank unknown
  • They're nothing but a bunch of rich playboys seeking thrills. Also, who checks what damages they cause? They might be a means to an end, but they are a danger to others and themselves” - Tigress

The Heart

  • They are unprincipled and blunt. Nothing about them interests me” - Cat, new member
  • They may be in it for the money. They may be a bunch of amateurs. They may be villains. Regardless, they keep the government busy and any enemy of my enemy is a potential ally” - Zer0, Initiate

The Rothwell Science Park

  • A lovely target, with all that tech…” - Lynx, rank unknown

Gamasot Laboratories

  • Bunch of creeps, probably all mutants from experimenting on themselves…” - Crash, new member


  • With all their reliance on chips and programs, I wanna see how useful their ExoSuits are once I've had my way with it…” - Grey Wolf


  • Freaks” - Lynx, rank unknown
  • Just what is going on with them? I wish we could find out…” - Silver Fox

The Summits

  • This crisis is most likely the doing of some 'hero'. Again. Attending the meetings and getting information may well serve for propaganda purposes. Additionally, there's likely to be a ton of SPEAR goons about. Perfect opportunity to find out about their weaknesses.” - Tigress
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