Legere Me FlereOf all the organisations competing for position in this new age, Temple must surely be the most enigmatic. Unlike others, who have motives and purposes, and need manpower in order to achieve their lofty ambitions, Temple would appear to seek Adherents purely so that those Adherents can further their own goals. It is a mystery to this author why those who journey to Temple become so powerful, but become powerful they most certainly do.” - A Wanderer's Guide to Curiosities, Griselda McCracken

Temple offers a new life to all who might seek it, regardless of their reasons for doing so, or who they might have been in the past. All who seek sanctuary will find themselves warmly welcomed, and know that their lives are now their own, to finally do with as they please.

Those who spend long enough in Temple to become Adherents will come across the Alitheia, a mighty tome of prophecy that documents the entire span of the Universe. Through studying this great text, such an Adherent might find themselves welcomed by the higher powers of Temple, eventually wielding the full power of an Ascendant.

I will be the chronicle of your universe, stretching from its dim and distant past to its cataclysmic future. Your race will seek great knowledge from me, and be amazed by what you find. You will come to my Temple, and I will greet you there.” - The Alitheia


The teachings of the Alitheia were first made widespread in the mid twentieth century, but those in the know will tell you that they have been taught in secret for far longer than that. The Alitheia predicts many things, but the ever-cautious Adherents kept most of its secrets safe, fearing the havoc that might be wrought should the full prophecies become known. Despite their best intentions, however, one prophecy in particular did come to light. It was written that, soon after the emergence of the temples, a new kind of super would appear. These new supers would be known as Ascendants, and would wield immense powers, far in excess of anything previously seen.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, small temples began to spring up across the known world, and Adherents began to flock to them. Those who had heard the prophecies waited with bated breath, to see if the events foretold would come to pass.

They did not have to wait long. Just days after the first temples were finished, Ascendants began to appear from amongst the ranks of the Adherents themselves. Seeking to disprove the truths of the Alitheia, supers flocked to the temples to test the new Ascendants. Time and time again the Ascendants were tested, and time and time again they proved themselves unmatched.

In the days that were to come, many of those who had sought to discredit the Adherents instead joined them, each yearning to one day stand beside those who had become so strong.

Two decades after the foundation of the temples, rifts began to appear between those teaching the prophecies. Over time these rifts became crevasses, and Temple was torn asunder into three distinct Apices. The Magisters knew that the Alitheia was a magical object, and as such should be taught according to the traditional rules of magic. The Nexus were incredulous at this suggestion, knowing as they did that the Alitheia must be a great computer, in order to have calculated the Universe's fate. The Filidhean held a third truth dear: the Alitheia was not a product of the world in which it was embedded, but was unique, bound only by its own laws. The warring parties did not see eye-to-eye, and each temple was subsumed by a single Apex.

The sitution remained relatively stable until 2056, when Temple appeared at the edge of Capital City. Suddenly, and with no discernible reasoning behind it, the Apices began to co-exist peacefully under one roof once more.

I will always exist, but you will not always know of me. You will find my Adherents where I will them, and when I will them. They will build my temples across your land, and when they have done so, my Ascendants will rise from amongst them.” - The Alitheia

Temple Today

The Adherents

The Adherents are those who have only recently come to Temple, and have yet to share in its power. The primary goal of any Adherent is to find their place amongst the Magisters, Nexus or Filidhean, from where they might continue on their journey to become Ascendants.

The Apices

Each Apex is a single trail through the wilderness, guided by the Alitheia. The start of each path lies with the Adherents, each of whom strives to find their feet along the road. While the route taken may vary, journey's end is always the same: the final steps take the walker past their Apex, to join the Ascendants.

(OC Note: You will need to take the Rank (+2) Trope in order to start the game as part of the Apices.)

The Magisters

The Magisters are advanced mages, who have learned their arts through studying the Alitheia as a tome of magical knowledge. They are mostly happy to instruct others in this magic, and regular magic classes are held in the Magisterial quarters for the Adherents. Those Adherents wishing to become Magisters themselves must demonstrate an advanced knowledge and understanding of the magics of the Alitheia, although magical ability is not a requirement.

The Nexus

The Nexus link more directly with the Alitheia, connecting with it as an infinitely knowledgeable computer. The Nexus also serve as a protective force for Temple in times of need, using their connections with the Alitheia and one another to co-ordinate counter-measures to any threats that might be perceived. Adherents who seek to become Nexus should simply interface with the Alitheia.

The Filidhean

The Filidhean are learned bards and prophets, who interact with the Alitheia in a holistic manner. The exact nature of their rituals is a closely guarded secret, as are the requirements of joining them.

The Ascendants

Those who find the way will eventually attain the status of Ascendant. The Ascendants are invariably incredibly powerful, although this power is rarely felt outside of Temple itself. Upon becoming Ascendants, most choose a quiet life of meditation, confining themselves within Temple's boundaries.

(OC Note: You may not start the game as an Ascendant.)

Places of Note


Rising sinuously from among the snow-covered pines of an alpine forest, far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Capital City, Temple stands alone. It is this very solitude that allows Temple to operate as it does: free from the prying gaze of the rest of the world, the Adherents can continue on their quests, and the Ascendants can meditate in peace.

Temple itself is not particularly tall by the standards of Capital City. What distinguishes it is its strikingly natural appearance. Instead of flat sides and square-cut edges, Temple rises in a series of rippling curves and smoothly-sloped spirals, emerging from the ground beneath it without a visible seam. Rather than glass or concrete, Temple appears to be made from a wide range of materials, including crystal, ice and even, in places, wood, as if the land itself had risen up to form the structure.

The foundations of Temple are riddled through with a complicated network of natural chambers and passageways. Stories abound of hidden treasures and long-lost secrets contained within, but very few of the tales of adventurers heading into the caverns end with those adventurers emerging unscathed.

My Adherents will seat me in Temple, a mighty throne in the heart of your kind's home.” - The Alitheia

People of Note

Aliya Mayer

One of the most well known Adherents, rumoured to soon be joining one of the Apices, is Aliya Mayer. Although she is yet to develop powers, Aliya has made a name for herself by knowing everyone, and never turning a potential ally away. If you have been in Temple for any length of time, you will almost certainly have spoken to Aliya.

Magister Excogitatoris

Magister Excogitatoris is regularly seen meandering through the wider world. His legendary flame glyph is the envy of many of the younger Magisters, as is his vast knowledge of magical theory.


The most prominent of the Nexus, and current leader of Temple's security force, is known to most as Quench. His control over electrical systems, although little understood, has gained him a reputation that extends far beyond the walls of Temple.

The Kraken

One of the latest members of the security force is The Kraken, who very publicly joined Temple shortly after being augmented by the Rothwell Science Park. Given the extraordinary strength of her additional limbs, and her rather extreme willingness to use them, she has risen rapidly through the ranks.


The Filidh Crwydra is often seen outside the confines of Temple. As this is a trait rare amongst the Filidhean, he acts as the main point of contact between them and the wider world.

Opinions of Other Organisations


They will fight for those who rule the world, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia


They will rail at those who rule the world, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia


They will strike from shadows, for a better world, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia

The Heart

They will skulk in shadows, and claim the world, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia

The Rothwell Science Park

They will use great knowledge to play their games, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia

Gamasot Laboratories

They will enhance themselves for their own aims, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia


They will copy themselves onto metal frames, but they will not hear my words.” - The Alitheia

The Summits

Then they will meet, for the end of the world, and they just might hear my words.” - The Alitheia

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