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If you are reading this letter, it is because we have identified you as an individual with powers, or other abilities, which may be of use in resolving a crisis. You may have observed or heard of the incident in which the Moon has suddenly lost a section of its mass. The world requires the assistance of those such as yourself, who may be able to help us resolve this problem.

There will be a summit held in 8 days at The Kamalani Centre, Capital City, to bring people together on the issue. The code for telepresencing into the summit is 1a5bca21.

This invitation has been extended to all those who may be of use. It is clear that the present situation is much bigger than any disputes between each of you, and we hope that everyone will be able to work together. Rest assured that measures have been put in place to ensure that no harm can come to you during or immediately following the summit.

- The Kamalani Centre


CRISIS! is the Oxford University RPG Society's Society Game for Trinity 2015. Players play a variety of superheroes, supervillains, and others with great power or skill, who have all been invited to a summit, following the mysterious disappearance of part of the Moon. You will also be able to help (or hinder) various organisations using powers to further their goals, be it stopping the next big super villain, or robbing a sweet shop.


To get started with CRISIS!, feel free to begin with the Introduction page - or, if you're a seasoned roleplayer then you can dive straight into things on History and get started on making your character at Character Creation.

Please note sessions 6 (Debrief) will take place in The Computer Science Department. We will update the When and Where with any updates.

Game sessions run on Tuesday evenings, 7:30 - 10:15

Next Session: Debrief - Tuesday 8th week of Trinity Term; Tuesday 16th June, 7:30.

Please don't hesitate to email the organisers at gm@crisis.chaosdeathfish.com. You can also subscribe to the OURPGSoc mailing list at rpgsoc-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

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