[DEAD] Designation Kyros - Ben E

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SPEAR Interrogation Report: AI3951 - 177

Subject Designation: Kyros; no name provided, designated after the Antarctic ice sheet from which he was recovered.

Context of Apprehension: OCULUS spy sat detects explosion characteristic of a nuclear detonation near the South Pole – Furies are scrambled and find Kyros wandering near the centre of the blast.
— Interrogation Begins —
Interrogator: Let’s start with some simple questions, what is your name?
Kyros: My name… my name does not matter, only the EVENT matters. You must warn your superiors immediately. You must activate all defensive protocols…
Interrogator: …We will come to that…
Kyros: You must release me. The EVENT must be stopped. I must stop the EVENT.
Interrogator: Fine. What is the nature of this “Event”.
Kyros: The EVENT may be imminent, or it may be a century from now. It may be a weapon, an invasion, a singularity…
Interrogator: Wait. Do you know anything about it?
Kyros: That I will be the only survivor. That I must stop it! I must stop the EVENT. Remaining here is no longer conducive to that end.
## Subject generates a beam of energy from his left arm, shearing through the table, his – titanium - cuffs and much of the opposite wall. ##.
Interrogator: Put down your weapon immediately! Deactivate the weapon or we will respond with lethal force!
##Doors to interrogation chamber are opened; security floods the room; automatic defensive measures administer high-voltage shocks without noticeable effect##.
Kyros: Do not attempt to restrain me; It may hasten the EVENT.
##Subject teleports from room; subsequently escapes the facility##

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