Princess Cathodeska Arxellas Vimethra of Vespion - The Curator

“Welcome to the Earth-Museum! Courtesy of Princess Cathodeska Arxellas Vimethra's diplomatic mission, Vespion is now able to partially explain the inexplicable: Earth-Hive. Exhibits include:

  • Earth-Queen:
    • Inconveniently doesn't exist
  • Earth-Hive:
    • Faltering attempts at consensus-gathering laughable
    • plagued with conflicting “agendas” and “genders”
  • Earth-supers:
    • Start fires
    • Put out fires
    • [Exhibit - example of a fire extinguisher]
  • Earth-opera
    • Also involves fires
    • Purpose unknown
    • [Exhibit - slightly singed opera programme]
  • Earth-science:
    • Puny and inferior
    • Genetics-science encourages chaotic variation rather than uniform perfection
  • Hero-Super Avalon
    • Held to standards unachievable by humans
    • Standards confusingly set by self
    • Consistently fails to achieve standards
    • [Exhibit - Avalon's cape on a waxwork]
  • Avalon-Hive:
    • Ineffectual servants of Avalon-Queen
    • High mortality rate
    • roles include “shout-drone” and other unnecessary posts
    • [Exhibit - a pile of debris recovered from the battles of Primary Testing and Lake Geneva]
  • Earth-Super Siren
    • Cannot choose between “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”
    • Inexplicably associated with birds
    • Why are so many Earth-supers associated with birds
    • What are birds
    • [Exhibit - Siren waxwork with original purple hood, surrounded by a selection of things that may or may not be birds]
  • Traitor-super Lord Daniel
    • Contrived and improbable personal relations to Avalon and Siren
    • Big meanie
  • Earth-moon:
    • Poorly maintained
    • Unhelpfully leaky
  • Earth-trees:
    • Too big
    • What are they planning
    • [Exhibit - a mundane branch severed by laser-spears in a maximum security glass case]
  • Earth-cats:
    • Closest analogue to Princess-caste
    • Fluffy
    • [Exhibit - photo of Avalon's first meeting with Princess Pusheen]
  • Secret time machine
    • Definitely doesn't exist
    • [Exhibit - a photo of Cathode standing in front of the Secret Time Machine, holding a cardboard sign that says “wink-face”]

Also see our Hall of Miscellaneous Super-Relics, including such wonders as Sword That Talks In Your Head, Eleanore Jeeves, Slippers, Glasses, a Golden Suit, and Earth-Literature. Marvel at: confusion! Barbarism! Inefficiency!”

- Entrance sign at Earth-Museum on Vespion

“Cathode remained on Vespion for a short time only. While ostensibly released for a further extended observation period, a later ambassador's - whose identity cannot at this point be disclosed - suggested that internal stability in the face of Cathode's growing Earth influences may have been a concern.

Upon her return to Earth, she promptly abandoned her previous form, taking up a human body provided by Liberty Jeeves. Unfortunately, the transit time meant that many of those she had previously observed had already departed, including Avalon. Nevertheless, she provided key assistance to the Knights, especially when faced with botanical menaces such as VINE. Although it is unknown if any conclusion was reached, she also spent some time investigating further Opera-Super links.”

- “Confusion Between the Worlds: A History of Earth-Vespion Relations” by Margaret Jeeves

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