“One of the most notable figures in the battle has got to be Damien Hawkes. A humble scientist at Rothwell, he devoted much of his free time to demon hunting. One particular rivalry was that of Damien and Sabheasir, a demon which inhabited the body of Charlotta Desmodus.

It was understood that they knew each other before Charlotta became possessed, and he even helped her attempt to rid the demon from her body. This was where their comradery ended, it is understood. Indeed, it was believed that Damien was actually sacrificed by Charlotta, or it may have been Sabheasir at the time, to complete the rituals summoning the demon into her body.

It was this point that it seems Damien devoted his life to taking out Demons. It seems that the authorities by and large were hesitant to recognise and respond to reports of demonic activity, so he took the law into his own hands (or more precisely, a metahuman licence) and set about taking on these reports himself. In this work he was largely successful, accumulating knowledge about the subject, and gathering others to help. Together, they eventually took out the remaining members of the Order of the Dragon, or at least those that had not been inducted into Sabheasir's entourage.

Both his and Sabheasir's fate is largely unknown, both seemingly disappearing off the records shortly before a formal police inquiry was launched into a series of murders, which “Charlotta” was later connected to.

Often considered the father of modern demon hunting, Damien's techniques are still used to this day.”

- Extract from “The World Of Demons” by Celia Wainwright.

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