“Aiding Jeeves9000, Drifter was key in the eradication of the Enos from this planet. Once the job was done the two parted ways, and it is thought they never met in later life.

After dealing with the Enos, Drifter returned to his home in Phoenix, Arizona, where he set about systematically removing the Heart from the city. He was widely praised for his work, and became local legend. His work saw the crime rates throughout the city drop significantly, and it was there that he retired, keeping watch over the city.

After the initial removal of the Heart, Drifter found a little more time to pursue his other interests. In particular he supported his sister, Jayda, who became a strong proponent of the independence movement following the separation of Capital City from the world government. This, of course, led to the eventual separation of the world Government, although that is really beyond the scope of this text.”

- Extract from “Getting Antsy - The Enos Invasion”, by Nute N. A. Lien

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