Gabriel Horatio Faulkner - The Ordinary Justice

“One of the greatest Warriors of the Independence was Gabriel Horatio Faulkner. He was a private figure, never stepping into the public eye himself, but oh what a stir he caused. The release of Great Fire, his brilliant opus on the evils of the supers, landed a decisive blow to the One World campaign, just when we needed it most.

“I really do believe that Great Fire should be one of the fundamental tenets on which our movement revolves. The call for the Ordinaries to unite in a wave of peaceful protests against the tyranny of Supers and their disproportionate share of the world's power is beautiful in its crystal clarity. The explanations of the moral obligation of the Ordinary to protest, set against the backdrop of the super-caused Crisis, are second to none.

“Without Mr Faulkner's work, I do not think the frenzy of destruction that was the inevitable conclusion of the vicious spiral that was being traversed by the supers of the world could ever have been avoided. Certainly, it could not have been avoided with the fervour that we have shown thanks to him.

“I have also always admired the quiet conviction shown by Mr Faulkner after the release of Great Fire. Where many would have basked in the limelight, using the fame of their work to further their own ends, Mr Faulkner returned to his previous life as a prosecution lawyer. Through a lifetime of quiet efficiency, Mr Faulkner upheld the rights of a great many Ordinaries.”

- Extract from “Warriors of the Independence” by Felicie Chaput

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