JCG Technologies is proud to announce a new era of AI- human cooperation. At the forefront of the new technologies and the increased security of these AIs is ALDWN, a recent addition to JCG… The ALDWN project has been especially useful to bridge the gap between existing AIs and new ones… The security provided for these new AIs is based on the same security the ALDWN project is providing JCG technologies.

Extracts from JCG Technologies Press Conference.

Log 13/5/2078 Software glitch in one of the satellites. Maintenance crew on their way. Log 28/5/2078 Small glitches remain. Programme functionality restored however. Remains under surveillance. Log 3/6/2078 Power usage up and memory space down. Otherwise full functionality restored. No more glitches.

HELIOS Project, Rothwell Space and Aeronautics Centre Internal communications.

…Recent reports show that crime in Capital City is up by 12%. This is attributed to a new wave of organised Crime. The Capital City Security Forces are doing everything in their power to contain the new gangs, but they are very hard to track, especially since many heists see almost complete blackouts before the strike…

Reported on Capital City TV

We lay to rest not only a hero and fighter for justice, but also a friend. Mink played an integral part in the Capital City independence movement and he remained loyal to the cause after the dissolution of the Capital City Branch. He worked closely with both Sable and Shepherd, but despite all that, he also remained loyal to his family, who knew him as Hive. We shall never forget his strength and sacrifice.

Eulogy, given by Max Calvin in the California Headquarters, 2136

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