Ivor Irving - Expanding Understanding

“Ivor Irving, previously temporary CEO of JeevesCorp, soon found himself at home in Marsh's former position as Chairman of the Selection Committee, which he leveraged to advance research into the human mind, the nature of AI, and the interactions between them. While a functional understanding had previously been achieved for UPLOAD, it was not until Irving began his inquiry that the mechanism of consciousness transferral was fully understood - in fact, the opportunity to study the uploaded and downloaded minds provided key insight into a number of neurological conditions, as well as expanding human understanding of the brain.

University students today in the expanding field of artificial intelligence are frequently seen both crediting and blaming Irving for their increased workload.”

- The JCG Executives: A History by Martin Falk

“ASPECT interactions ceased. We believe the nanoentity has learned all that it can, but still appears to be supporting Irving's consciousness. Potential of trying further interactions with UPLOAD minds?”

- JCG Internal Memo, Selection Committee

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