“A central figure in the SPEAR reforms, Menoetius worked diligently to ensure proper transparency in the organisation, even amid the calls for it to be dissolved. Following Alecto's death in 2078, he was promoted to the triumvirate which led SPEAR, and was instrumental in ensuring the organisation survived and stayed true to the principles he has laid out, even as the World Government fragmented and collapsed around it. Similar to his former Commander, he remained in active service throughout his career, never quite managing to eventually settle down to his desk job - often acting against the advice of SPEAR medical personnel”

From “SPEAR - A History”, by John Bors

“In light of the evidence before me, and the information which I have judged should reasonably have been available to her at the time, this court finds Charity Kosinska, alias “Minerva” guilty of manslaughter for the extrajudicial killing of [REDACTED], alias “Menoetius”. In light of his return during the Crisis, the understandable uncertainty and suspicion within Oculus at the time, and other factors, she is to be held in Avernus for a period not exceeding five years, and then under house arrest for a further ten years.”

Extract from proceedings of the High Court, 2077

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