Murdoch Marshall / Adrian Irving

“Murdoch Marshall is still viewed as a villain by those who continue to support the notion of a World Government, despite the continuing collapse of the remnants of the system; more and more nations choosing to follow in the footsteps of Capital City and declare independence. To most though, he is a hero, plain and simple. He gave the people a voice when it was needed, and they loved him for it.

His detractors continued to vilify him throughout his career, turning up smaller and smaller mishaps in the hopes that one might be the straw that broke the camels back of public opinion. However, when not even the fact that he was part of the Californian Free State way back when, and had changed his name since, would shake his supporters, they gave up.

It is unknown whether Murdoch Marshall actually had superpowers. He claimed he did not until his disappearance from the public eye, but many believe that his strength and bravery throughout the final Summit, before confronting his captors in the Parliament building could not have been done on mere human strength and capabilities alone.”

- “Heroes of the 21st Century” by Kendra Clark

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