Nicasius Drake - El Diablo

You all know what it is we face. Mephistopholes, Typhon, Drake, whatever you want to call it, it's coming, and it's after our lives.

Hiding behind the façade of a corporation, the demon has spread its corruption throughout the world. Countless good men and women have fallen before its power. Their underworld connections spread as far as even those of the notorious Heart of Crime. They are everywhere, and all attempts at uprooting them have been minor setbacks to them at most.

And that's not all. Over the years, Red Shift have emerged from the shadows time and time again in an attempt to set the world alight in unholy conflagration. The father and daughter have been driven back over and over, but never defeated, often retreating seemingly of their own will.

And so, the cycle has gone throughout the centuries. They are immortal and eternal. If something isn't done, the world will continue to burn until there is nothing left but a family of demons dancing on the ashes.

But this time, we're ready for them. Demon hunters, survivors families were decimated by Mephistopholes over the course of history, have passed invaluable knowledge down the generations, telling us the secret to the demon's cycles of power and seemingly erratic influence. We, their descendants, will not be caught unaware again.

So today, we stand and fight. This is perhaps the greatest menace the Earth has faced since the Crisis of '75, but together we will prevail.

Let's see just how immortal those monsters truly are.

- Extract from a speech by Fabian III, Grandmaster of the Hunters.

Dear Father, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. A long time ago, I was very close to Hive, and I had a great respect for him. Looking back, his decisions – our decisions – seem so childlike; we were caught up in things much bigger than we were and were struggling to keep afloat. I know that Hive and I haven't seen eye-to-eye for many years now, but I still hold him in a great deal of affection, and it saddened me greatly to see him go. As you told us at the Moon summits, this day was always going to come. Hive, it didn't seem, would be able to cheat death, nor would he want to. He prided himself in being mortal, being ordinary. I suppose in the end, I was the coward of the two of us, afraid to cross that final threshold and hiding scared among the stars. I can never replace Hive, but if you need a friend to talk to into eternity, I will always be here. ALDWN

Message received after Hive's death

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