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Kamalani Centre Announces Emergency Summit

“It is the belief of the Kamalani Centre that the current crisis is sufficiently serious that no current organisation can deal with it alone. Only by having all of those with talent, skill, and power working together can we hope to resolve the situation. For this reason, the Kamalani Centre is opening its doors to all those who beleive they can contribute. The Summits will allow greater cooperation and organisation, and ensure that those best suited to resolving this crisis can be directed in a way that makes best use of their abilities. Measures have been put in place to ensure that all can attend safely, regardless of previous quarrels, rivalries, or inter-organisation disputes. By working together we can determine the causes behind the present situation, repair what has been broken, and mitigate the effects for the good of all.” - Johannes Kamalani, manager of the Kamalani Centre

World in Recovery

After almost two weeks, the world is still attempting to recover from the Moon catastrophe; but there are still floods worldwide, tidal chaos in places with insufficient infrastructure, panic-induced riots in more affected areas, and even some animals going wild. Preliminary investigations of its cause have turned up nothing - but with most of the available resources focused on fixing the ramifications of this crisis on Earth, that is perhaps unsurprising. Supers from around the world are lending their abilities to the cause. Even some notable villains seem to have put aside their own agendas to lend a hand.

Of course, there are also many who are taking advantage of the world's distraction to wreak further havoc.

Rothwell Moon-Mission Rumour

Rumours have surfaced that Rothwell are intending to send a shuttle to investigate the moon incident. Many details are still unknown at this point, but many suspect it will be launched after the Kamalani Summit on the matter. It is also unknown if this mission is being done in conjunction with any other organisations.

"Thanks for the keys"

Several thousand sensitive documents have been stolen from a SPEAR server. Attempts to cover up the leak failed when both the press and the wife of Vulcan, the Captain in charge of IT security, received an envelope containing several incriminating letters and photographs. Vulcan is now facing a divorce suit, and SPEAR are being universally mocked in the tabloid media. The envelope was signed “Thanks for the keys- Tigress”. SPEAR have released a statement saying that this is believed to be a separatist attack, that no documents immediately critical to international security were among those leaked, and that the private lives of its operatives have no bearing on their ability to perform their duties. Reports indicate that Vulcan has been quietly demoted.

Fast and Furious

All of the news channels are filled with a dramatic car chase this morning. Apparently, a small group of highly trained individuals attacked a weapons delivery to a SPEAR facility and made off with several crates worth of military- grade firearms, grenades and body armour. In the subsequent high speed chase through the streets of Capital City, two cars of the police escort crashed and the suspects escaped without a trace before a stronger response could be mobilised. Ceres, Captain of the Lotophagi subdivision of Aegis, is appealing for any information on the incident.

Reported Disappearances Across Capital City

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of citizens reported missing over the last several weeks, in all neighbourhoods of the city. The Lookout urge citizens to continue to report any missing friends or acquaintances as quickly as possible, as well as any suspicions as to the origin of this increase. Several prominent residents of Capital City have expressed concern, including Asklepios (Dr Serafim), the head of the Hospitals Initiative, some of whose ex-patients have been discovered missing on post-treatment follow up visits.

JeevesCorp Hiring

JeevesCorp have recently announced a number of job openings for a variety of positions, including Security Consultant, Corporate Intelligence Specialist, Systems Penetration Expert and Research and Development Technicians. Whether these new openings are related to the suspected hacking attempt is unknown, but JeevesCorp has declined to comment.

Gamasot Announces Expansion

Dr Marama Serafim, more popularly known as Asklepios for her healing abilities, has announced the expansion of the Hospitals Initiative to five new sites citywide. “We're all very proud of the Initiative's progress, and this cements our place in Capital City as the foremost provider of medical care”, she announced in a press conference outside the Choi Dome. The contract with the Committee for the Hospitals Initiative's provision of medical care to Capital City citizens is up for renewal soon, but Dr Serafim has expressed her confidence that they will once more opt to renew the services.

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