Turn 2 - News

Executive Elections Incoming

There are just two weeks to go before the much anticipated elections to decide the Executive and the Chancellors for the next four years. The current polls suggest a neck-and-neck race between the current Executive, Ariel Vance, and newcomer Murdoch Marshall. Chara-Lypi Colonomos has been forced to withdraw their candidacy, due to a technicality regarding those who are considered to have died. The poll results in full are as follows:

Ariel Vance - 17.1%
Murdoch Marshall - 16.9%
David Blake - 16.2%
Peter O'Neil - 16.0%
Felicie Chaput - 14.7%
Other Candidates - 19.3%

The election committee would like to remind all residents of Capital City that they are entitled to vote, provided they are a human aged sixteen or over, or a legally recognised non-human. As in previous elections, voting will be handled by TALLY. TALLY would like to remind everyone that despite being a JeevesCorp creation she is not beholden to that company, and can be trusted to conduct her business fairly.

[GM note: voting can be done via a minor action.]

Groundswell of Support for Murdoch Marshall

The Executive hopeful Murdoch Marshall has been rapidly gathering supporters from across the Capital, and organisations large and small have flocked to offer support to his campaign. Marshall's provision of SC&MS security and Backup insurance to all candidates has even garnered him support from a number of his rivals.

Marshall's campaign goes from strength to strength, with key policies including safeguarding the city through the Security Committee, protecting the environment with input from Environment First and lessening the overreach of SPEAR, which Vance so thoroughly ignored.

SPEAR: Not as Bad as You Think

A series of newspaper articles, adverts, online blogs and TV interviews have been sweeping Capital City, highlighting all the good work they do for the world. The campaign has a similar feel to that of the Gamasot campaign that went round a couple of months back, although the two don't seem to be linked.

Much of the previous negative SPEAR press has disappeared, and a pro-SPEAR vibe seems to be on the rise.

Power cuts

The recent weeks have seen multiple power outages all over central Capital City. After preliminary investigations, the forces responsible are likely to be Environment First activists, although investigations are still ongoing. The responsible agents promise to bring the responsible parties to justice and that they will judge them as harshly as possible for their ruthless and unscrupulous agains the city’s infrastructure and its inhabitants.

Tigress on the loose

A routine interrogation turned violent when Tigress known vigilante and separatist terrorist overcame her captors and escaped Tartarus with the help of another individual suspected to be Marks Tailor. SPEAR officials ensure the citizens of capital city that in the run- up to the elections they will do their utmost to ensure the safety of its citizens and that they have already freed up all necessary resources to make sure that both Tigress and her accomplices are apprehended and brought to justice as soon as possible.

SPEAR Bungle Marshall Rally

News just in: a SPEAR operation to capture the supervillain World Eater at Murdoch Marshall's Zurich rally has ended in red faces, when, instead of taking out the villain, a large SPEAR force engaged with SC&MS Services' security team. Murdoch Marshall has confirmed that he personally hired SC&MS Services to protect all of the candidates for the Executive elections. The local police chief, Petru Ionescu, has released a statement condemning SPEAR's incompetence, and asking that the Fury involved, known to the public as Avalon, be removed from service.

[below the article is a large image of the Closest Continuer, as if taken from the end of a selfie stick. Avalon can be seen flying over the Closest Continuer's head. Behind the pair stands an eight-foot-tall demon, with flames pouring down its arms. Murdoch Marshall looks on from the side of the shot.]

Mysterious Thefts

A spate of mysterious thefts has happened across the UK, and around Capital City. The thefts all share certain unusual details: only the single most valuable item was reported missing in each case, and items of furniture were rearranged for no apparent purpose. Devastated homeowners have reported hours spent extricating couches from stairwells and armchairs from windows, often resulting in higher costs than the values of the items stolen.


All messes cleaned! Stains eliminated! Infestations terminated (with extreme prejudice)! No bug will survive! Polishing, sweeping, vacuuming and ironing services also available. No job too big.

Contract JEEVES 9000 today!

T&C: Capabilities and abilities of our products are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display abilities accurately, capabilities may vary slightly depending on date of manufacture. The packaging of products may vary from that shown in our corporate advertisements. We may use your personal information for any purpose related to delivering the primary mission of our products. If you are a consumer you may only purchases products and services if you are at least 18 years of age and of sound mind. As a consumer you have limited legal rights as per the Consumer Pacification Act 2173. If you are a business customer you confirm that you have authority to bind your business to these terms and conditions. You acknowledge by entering into this contract you do not rely on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not set out in the contract terms and conditions. Your order will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery date set out in the contract summary, unless there is an Event outside our control. Delivery will be undertaken to the address you gave us, and any resulting difficulties are your problem. By using our products you agree to our standard terms and conditions. In particular Jeeves Corp claims protection from all liability claims arising from pacification of the insectoid menace under the Emergency Liability Release Act (Insectoid Menance) 2199. Please note that in a small number of postcodes, particularly those under insectoid occupation, activation of the product before delivery may be necessary and the product may reach you in a slighty used state and/or covered in gore. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the contracting party to ensure all safety protocols validations are performed prior to instantiation of the contract. Jeeves Corp cannot be held liable for damage arising from incorrect operation of its products, either to person, property, profit, feelings, or vegetable preference. Any representation that might be implied or incorporated into these Terms by any statute, common law or superheroic ultimatum is excluded to the fullest capacity of our legal team to prevent it. We may transfer our rights and obligations under this contract to another organisation, dummy corporation or non-sentient AI, then depart the building quickly. This contract is between you and us, no other person, super or court will have any rights to enforce any of its terms in so far as we can get away with it. If we fail to insit on any of our rights we do not waive them, however failure for you to insist on your rights will result in them being declared void. For full legal terms and conditions please refer to manual.

Panic at Peter O'Neil Rally

An election rally in support of everyman Peter O'Neil turned into an ugly affair after several dozens of adoring fans, brought to the rally by the presence of their idol Closest Continuer, who made it his personal mission to take photos of himself with all candidates, trampled a senior citizen who came to show his support. Panic ensued and the candidate himself ended up injured as well. Later investigation failed to discern the fate of the senior citizen, but the fact that nothing was found gives hope that they managed to get out of the crowd with minor injuries. The incident throws a questionable light on SPEAR and SCAMS personnel meant to secure the rallies.

[Next to the article is a big picture of the Closest Continuer at the rally, shortly before the outbreak of the Panic. In the background grotesque and hideous old man is visible and from the looks of it, the fans surrounding him are so disturbed by the sight of him that they try to flee the scene]

Supervillain Duel!

And now for some breaking news. A violent duel has taken place between the infamous supervillains Ripple and Grimm atop Capital City's very own Stargaze Plaza. With more on this shocking story, we turn to our correspondent on the Plaza, Fabrizio.

Thank you Tim, and yes, the events are shocking. I was just minding my business near Ariel's lovely little pad when the wall turned to dust, and Ripple burst out. He must have been after our beloved executive, just like he did to that Executive hopeful. Well, shortly after, out of the wall comes two bears! Bears, I tell you! And followed, they were, by the supervillainess Grimm, who attacked us only a few weeks ago. They fought, and then the Porter got me out of there.

Thank you Fabrizio. We have just been informed that this is the second time that Grimm has attacked the Plaza. Will she be the next high-profile super on the Most Wanted list? Stay tuned to find out.

Cornershop Saved

Benny's, the Lakeland Avenue cornershop, has been saved closing by the swift action of Executive hopeful Murdoch Marshall. Mr Marshall promises that Benny's will be the first of many small businesses that will benefit from his policies.

Disaster at Polaris

Polaris Industries share prices have recently plummeted after a freak lightning storm destroyed much of the premises. This coincided with Heart forces led by Beta attacking the company. The overall result was the complete destruction of the Executive and R&D buildings, although the companies production lines are still producing their current models.

Samuel Marvin, best known as the adopted son of the supervillains Vulcan and Volturnus, was seen leaving the scene not long after the event.

Since the event, Capital City has been experiencing anomalous weather conditions similar to the storm that hit Polaris all over the city and its environs. The storms are usually short-lived, but extremely dangerous, with many already reported injured. The cause of these storms has yet to be identified, and there does not appear to be a pattern to their movements.

La Signora della Notte Totalled

Capital City's well-loved Italian restaurant was destroyed in a fire recently as what appeared to be a large group of super powered individuals started a fight there. There is little left of the restaurant aside from rubble, and SPEAR operatives were seen removing the unconscious and restrained body of Nicasius Drake (CEO of Security, Catering and Management Solutions, better known as SC&MS) from the scene. Storm Meyrick was seen fleeing the restaurant just before the fight broke out.

Allegations of JeevesCorp Espionage

Websites across the world are claiming to have evidence of JeevesCorp hacking attempts and intrusions into Gamasot facilities - and asking pointed questions of a company that would hack hospital systems. While nobody knows where these started, the logs corroborate Gamasot employee testimony of an AI recently let loose on the Choi Dome electronics, and ELLIE, the JeevesCorp search engine, has been widely implicated in at least one attempt according to the claims. Neither company has made an official statement on the rumours.

The Raven is Here

Recently, someone has been causing trouble in Capital City. Sporting events have been delayed. Hats have gone missing. Crowds have been tripped up with marbles. Spiders have caused rioting on the subway leading to serious injury… okay, that last one was especially bad. Many witnesses to these scenes report seeing a large raven, flying by and leaving chaos in its wake.

Is this simply rogue wildlife, or do we have a new super troublemaker in town. Only time will tell!

7 dead, 15 Injured in Bank Robbery

Following a break in at Bertrand and Rycroft's central branch, and the subsequent intervention from the police, 6 bystanders and 1 police officer were declared dead last night. Several more are in hospital being treated for their wounds.

The assailant couldn't be identified, although various eye-witness accounts claim there were twins. Two Magpie feathers were left at the scene of the crime, however. We'll bring you the latest developments, as they unfold.

Benny's Remains Open

A corner shop due to close down has remained open, thanks to a large donation by some unknown beneficiary. The cash will be split between redevelopment of some of the shop, and towards hiring some new staff.

British Crown Jewels Stolen

Almost half of the British crown jewels have been stolen, say sources at the Tower of London. There is little pattern to which have been taken, but the only mark left at the scene of the crime was a single magpie feather - believed to be the mark of the eponymous thief.

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