Turn 5 - News

Votes of No Confidence in SPEAR

Proposals are before all of the subcouncils, and the High Council itself, to dissolve SPEAR and bring in a new crimefighting organisation following the revelations about corruption and extralegal activity. Proposals for the replacement range from legitimising the vigilante group Garuda, to implementing some version of Murdoch Marshall's Licensing Act globally.

The motions were proposed by:

  • Sofia Melendez - South American Subcouncil
  • Claudia Burgstaller - Speaker, European Subcouncil
  • Amariah Stefansson - Island States subcouncil
  • Yi Saito - Asian subcouncil
  • Khotso Marumo - African subcouncil
  • Tino Shumba - High Council

Nathaneal Evers of the High Council has been proposed as the coordinator of any replacement force, due to their experience as a former police commissioner for the North American Subcouncil.

Call for Independence

The call for independence has been heard right across Capital City. In the wake of wave after wave of SPEAR corruption and incompetence, high-profile figures from all walks of life have joined together to declare that the time for independence is now. Shortly after the votes of no confidence were called in the World Government, Ariel Vance himself tabled a similar resolution to the Chancellors. Along with five other Chancellors, Ariel has called for Murdoch Marshall to steer the capital away from its thoroughly discredited rulers.

Dinosaur Appears in Capital City

A giant fire-breathing T-rex has appeared in capital city. It has destroyed several buildings, but the area has been evacuated. Current attempts to subdue the creature have been unsuccessful, but efforts have been made to contain the creature.

Distortion Killed

The supervillain Distortion, who appeared at the previous summit and publicly announced his intention to destroy Elysium, the headquarters of Oculus, was killed by Ripple, for unknown reasons.

Attack on Parliament

Amidst all the chaos of SPEAR, an attack on Parliament was launched by the Heart. However, thanks in particular to the help of supers just passing through - notably Drifter, Roulette, Jazaro, and Artemis - the invasion of this government building was short-lived. Many members of Bone Script have been taken into custody, but their leader, Alpha, is still at large.

Attack on Temple

A vicious and unprovoked attacked has seen dozens dead and massive damage at Temple. The attackers, led by Nicasius Drake, Bliss and Grimm, unleashed fire and monsters on the hapless Adherents, before departing the building. Their motives were unclear, and Quench has announced a reward for anyone who helps bring the killers to justice. SPEAR have, of course, been informed.

Kaiju on a Rampage

Monstrous creatures, multiple storeys tall, have appeared all across the globe, and are devastating huge swathes of land wherever they arrive. Swimming to shore all along the coastlines of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the leviathans are thought to have come from Australia. The owners of Australia, Gamasot Laboratories, were unavailable for comment. Several of the gargantuan beasts are known to be on collision courses with Capital City.

Bus Routes Re-instated

At the behest of Executive Marshall, Mr Rupert's bus route is up and running once more.

Buses Cancelled

The terror known as The Raven has struck again. This time, a number of pedestrians have been run over, each time with a large raven seen near the scene.

Raven related mishaps have also struck Capital City's Central Traffic Control Centre, resulting in much of the city becoming gridlocked and all buses being cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Rupert, a concerned citizen of Capital City, had the following to say:

“I must say I'm very disappointed by this turn of events. Kids these days have no respect for the difficulties faced by their elders, and are clearly not respecting the severity of such damage to our public transport links.”

Airport Struck by Epidemic

A number of prospective holidaymakers have had to cancel their future travel plans due to Capital City Central Airport, along with several others it has travel links with, coming under quarantine. The cause of this action appears to be an illness spreading from there causing necrosis of the skin. Several victims have died already, and paramedics on the scene have yet to find the cause of the disease. Autopsies of the dead have yet to be performed.

Caedis Captain Steps Down

SPEAR regretfully announces the resignation of the captain of one of its largest divisions.

Citing “personal reasons” and a desire to spend more time with his loved ones as his reasons for resigning, Captain Eric Price thanked his colleagues for their continued work and integrity, and wished to stress that the comments from Avalon had no bearing on his decision, stating that he had “high hopes” for SPEAR's future.

A SPEAR spokesman commended Price for his years of service to SPEAR and wished him luck in future endeavours.

Price was unavailable for further comment.

The Core is Saved

Executive Marshall has managed to save the city, with the help of a number of heroes. The defending forces have destroyed the Moon Originated Omnivorous Paste (MOOP) infestation, which was eating away at the Core. They also managed to repair most of the damage which the Core sustained in the crisis. Thanks go out to Laurie Heyward, Jazaro, Dr Isaac Noble, ELLIE and the Closest Continuer, as well as the Moai and Executive Marshall himself. THE PIGEON is asked not to interfere with such critical systems in the future.

The Magpie is the Best Thief Ever!

As declared by SuperHub, the Magpie is the Best Thief Ever! His spectacular heists at Jeeves Spire and Noble Keep have earned him a place in the history books, and have been shared millions of times already.

Gruesome Death

The Superhero known only as the Fireman has been found brutally murdered. A message in the Fireman's blood plastered the crime-scene.

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