“One of the more interesting decisions in this remake was the inclusion of The Closest Continuer. I mean his impact on the site can hardly be ignored, but the original film focused around the first few years of the sites development, before he and the other big names came along, when the site started gaining a lot of popularity.

However the widening of the time period has done a lot of good for the film, despite the naysayers. Indeed, the slugish periods which were criticised in the original have been dropped in favour of an expanded look at the escapades of the people who really defined the site as we know it, such as the Closest Continuer. One of the major criticisms of the remake is the so called cheesy and over-the-top action sequences that accompany the last act of the film, but it is often forgotten that these were real things that the users got up to. The inclusion of some of the actual footage of the site really brings the viewer into the world of 2075. Of course there is much in fighting about whether they picked the best stunts of CC's to remake, but I will save that particular argument for the forums on the site itself.

One thing the movie made clear is that a film about the users, set slightly later that this film, is much needed. Indeed the glimpses of epic fights and feats of awesomness merely wet the palate, almost a teaser to a much more interesting movie, that, if one were not so keen on historical accuracy, could almost be a sequel to this one.

Sadly it seems that the epic adventures of our web heroes are relegated to some dusty documentary on the Capital City TV. Hardly the send off our beloved heroes deserve.”

- A review of the 2123 remake of “An Antisocial Network, the story of SuperHub”.

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