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Reporters Bring You the Best of the Summits

Rumours have it that the second Kamalani Summit will allow a small number of reporters into the Summits, to get the news out about what's going on there. It seems they are particularly keen to get some photos of attendees.

Political Rally Gone Awry

Chara-Lypi's most recent political rally was interrupted when the villain, Ripple, decided to cause some mayhem. Some fatalities and many injuries have been reported, and Chara-Lypi themselves have been confirmed dead. Despite the morbid scenes, a few supporters of rival politicians have even speculated (loudly) that Chara-Lypi is not dead, and that this is probably just something arranged in order to get attention and pity votes.

Campaign Season Starts

We are now two weeks into the ten-week long campaign season for the Executive elections. The first few campaigns have gotten underway, although there is still time to register for those intending to run.

As expected, Ariel Vance opened his campaign on the very first day of the season. Running once more on a platform of eliminating corruption and solving poverty, Ariel is sure to be a firm favourite for the top spot once more.

Murdoch Marshall announced his Candidacy recently for the Chancellor at a launch event that has been hailed as the most elegant and extravagant in years. Murdoch has been hailed as a man of the people, having had several sit down meetings with constituents who have concerns about the city, taking their complaints and issues very seriously. He has also had a lot to say recently about environmental issues, a problem that is in everyone's mind recently with the lunar situation still unresolved.

Chara-Lypi Colonomos got their campaign underway rather earlier than was allowed, with a barrage of leaflets and messages sent across the capital. They have since disappeared, following the attack by the supervillain Ripple.

Felicie Chaput, CEO of AMS Technologies, launched their campaign with a series of Separatist-friendly speeches. Well known for their extreme views, Felicie advocates independence for Capital City, and an end to the extortion of the Committee by the World Government.

In a surprise move, Amaryllis Amarillo has not stood for election. It is assumed that the World Freedom Alliance will be launching a candidate, although their chances do not look particularly promising.

David Blake, CEO of Polaris Industries, opened the latest high-profile campaign of the season. His campaign focusses on the autonomy of heroes, and he has gone so far as to suggest new laws which would limit the culpability of those found to be working for the good of humanity.

Gamasot: The Hospitals For You

A series of TV reports, Interviews, and News articles have been released, in support of the new Gamasot contract being signed. The promotion has been well received, with many important figures coming out in support of the new contract.

Prosopon: A Villain Forgotten, but not by the Law

Prosopon is a name few outside of SPEAR remember. Over the past two years, they have been responsible for over two dozen murders, leaving at each one their grisly calling card - a mask, fused to the victim's face. There has been nothing else to connect the murders - they have occurred in all districts of Capital City, the victims are not linked, and are a whole range of ages, races, genders, and affiliations. Without any conclusive evidence, the case has been passed from desk to desk, from the city police, and then into SPEAR, where it has finally arrived on the desk of Menoetius, of the Furies. In this exclusive interview, Menoetius reminds us why, even in these times of crisis, it is important not to forget the smaller cases, the matters which may seem outdated and trivial in the face of weapons heists, leaks of secure information, and the destruction of the Moon. He calls for the people of this great City to provide any information they may have on this depraved killer, no matter how outdated and trivial it may seem - because it is all the more important to remember the small cases when great things are occurring, lest the victims be forgotten.

The article continues with several pages of interview with Menoetius, explaining the history of the case

SPEAR: Heroic Protector or Incompetent Liability?

SPEAR seems to be behaving more like a leaky sieve than a force for justice nowadays! With the highly publicised leaks from the Tigress hack, and the complete internal security failures resulting in a shipment of weapons being delivered into the arms of the separatists, is in any wonder than a new wave of vigilanteism is sweeping the streets of Capital City? How are we to trust Alecto, Apollo and their cronies to keep us safe if they cannot even keep their own house in order! And these are just the most public failures, who knows what other information has fallen into the hands of those without our best interests at heart - why, even now, some separatist terrorist could be sitting in his ramshackle hut somewhere cackling to himself as he flicks through Rawiya Mayra's Oculus file, and making plans based on the information within. Don't think it's just the rich, famous, and powerful who are at risk - oh no, Oculus are watching everyone, so be sure that your private information is safe with them! Or would be, if it took more than a sweet smile and a pair of swaying hips to get access to SPEAR servers.

Utterly Shafted, and Missing the Point

SPEAR should be disbanded, and a new organisation formed in it's place. At least, that's what's being whispered in quiet corners of the coffee shops around Parliament. Their recent failures to keep their own secrets, weapons, and who knows what else out of separatist hands clearly shows they are not fit for the job. And to make matters worse, the great disaster of our time happens, a large chunk of the moon goes missing for no apparent reason, and who do they send? One of their dolled-up poster-heroes, Menoetius of the Furies, and an Oculus agent who doesn't even have the talent to keep himself hidden, the spectacularly well known1) Mister I. The heavy lifting of working out what is threatening life as we know it was left to a bunch of random strangers who met at a drinks evening at the Kamalani Centre - not exactly a good set of credentials for saving the world, but perhaps better than a SPEAR badge is right now.

Battle Not With Monsters, Lest Ye Become a Monster

Perhaps Oculus have spent too long hunting after supervillains, that they have forgotten they are supposed to be fighting for justice, not vengeance. This author2) has been given a dossier which shows an unmistakable pattern - Oculus have been operating outside the law. A series of cases which Aegis had failed to close, or which would never have had enough evidence to go to trail, end with a mysterious accident, a gas leak, a “separatist” attack, or simple a disappearance. While it is possible that some of these were true accidents, when you put them together the picture becomes clear - if they can't get you in the courts, they'll get you while you sleep instead.

Tigress arrested!

A week ago, the vigilante whistleblower and separatist sympathiser Tigress has been arrested after a raid led by the Furies' very own Avalon and Prometheus. Local opinion about the raid is widespread from supporters to opponents.

“Avalon and Prometheus were totally awesome! I'm really glad I had my jeevesPhone with me, so I managed to record the hole thing and put it on SuperHub”- Niki J, 17 year old better- known online as Avalon1337_forLife.

“I can't believe Avalon wrecked the entire building. She was damn close to come crashing onto the head of that poor girl, save anyone else in the building. If they were a bit less lucky, they'd have had to carry her out of there in a bodybag”. Annabelle Keats, 76- year old pensioner and eye- witness to the arrest.

SPEAR has yet to make an official statement regarding the stolen files or any further information on Vulcan.

Stolen Weapons Recovered, Prometheus Injured

SPEAR sources are reporting that the majority of the weapons cache stolen from the convoy last month has been recovered. Prometheus was apparently injured in the raid, but is expected to make a full recovery. The statement goes on to say that the whole of the cache could have been recovered if not for the actions of vigilante groups attempting to take the law into their own hands.

Frankly, given the recent performance of SPEAR, the reports we're getting that the vigilantes beat even SPEAR's much-vaunted Furies to the crime scene should not be surprising. Even less surprising are the reports that, when joining a firefight between the heroes attempting to retrieve the cache, and, may I remind the reader, do SPEAR's job for them, Prometheus and Menoetius acted indiscriminately, focussing on capturing all of those present no matter which side of the fight they were on. This resulted in several dangerous and - thanks to SPEAR's previous failure - heavily armed separatists fleeing into the Forge. Who knows what untold havoc they will cause in the future?

Several corpses found on the outskirts of the Forge have been identified as separatists present at the encounter. The bodies were found heavily charred, and superpowered involvement is suspected. Nobody has yet claimed credit for their murders.

Bodies Found, Killers at Large

A few weeks ago, a warehouse full of dead bodies was found in the Edge of Capital City. The investigation is ongoing, but the perpetrators of this massacre are still at large. Police are looking for clues, and urge any with information to step forward so the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

Jeeves Break-Ins

JeevesCorp has been the victim of a number of break-ins over the past few weeks. While they have not yet confirmed the scale of the theft, both JeevesCorp and the Capital City Police are appealing for any information relating to the crimes.

Missing People Return; Traced to New Hospital Site

After the hard work of several groups to attempt to identify the cause of the increased incidence in missing person reports, as well as increase citywide patrols, the Lookout has reported that not only has the rate of this disappearance decreased, but that the victims have begun to reappear. Unusually, those interviewed so far don't seem to have any memories of their missing weeks - and a number have displayed superpower-like abilities. The disappearances seem to have been the result of kidnappings, potentially using the Hospitals Initiative's own records as a base, and it seems at least some of those missing were traced to one of the sites of the proposed new hospitals.

Blancmange Riots

Terrifying scenes last week as Bliss' much awaited Candyland opened to the public. The highly anticipated attraction promised a paradise for children made out of all manner of sweet things, and we have to say, that's what it delivered. However, in the opinion of this reported Ms. Bliss should consider whether more traditional building materials would be less likely to collapse, almost trapping her guests inside, or whether painted steel would still provide enough of an advertisement for her catering company3) without attracting what onlookers described as an armada of pigeons.

A class action suit has been started against Bliss for damages arising from her misconceived venture. Any who were present at the event, or whose children got sick after consuming any of the candy which was left out for days during the setup and the cleanup, are encouraged to contact Blake and Albanesi LLP for more details.

Noble Industries

Noble industries have just opened their Capital City office, and are now taking tech-based commissions.

Seeking New Volunteers!

The Golden Age Retirement Home is beginning an outreach program. Welcoming those from all walks of life to come and help out for a few hours a week, it promises biscuits, tea, competitive meditation, and the chance to talk to some of the finest supers from previous generations.

LEGIT Under Attack

Logistics, Edible Goods & Information Technology has been badly damaged after a recent break-in and arson attack. The police are wanting to question Jazaro in relation to the afore-mentioned crimes.

Britain's Newest Hero

The public of Britain have found a new hero to put their support behind. Viceroy has been seen all over the country since the recent Summit, helping those in need, fixing what can be and helping get everything back in order after the floods and riots striking the country. Not asking for anything in return, he is selflessly doing what needs to be done. Someone everyone can look up to.

Flood Relief Efforts

In the wake of the lunar crisis, floods have been ravaging islands and coastal towns the world over, and rioting civilians have been leaving chaos in their wake. Nonetheless, there is still hope. Supers from around the world have been working tirelessly to prevent the floods from claiming any more lives and fix the damage wherever possible. Many claim to have been inspired by a group of heroes from the summit who saved Macau from disappearing completely under the waves. While our sources place the vigilante group Garuda on the scene during the disaster, it appears that this was not the work of one organisation, just a group of people willing to step up and make a difference. Macau was one of the worst hit places by the floods, and it's safe to say that everyone involved, along with all those who followed in their footsteps, are truly heroes.

Elsewhere, the Panacaea division of Aegis, lead by Vejovis and with the assistance of Eris of the Furies have worked tirelessly to evacuate those in the worst affected areas and provide shelter - though their resources have been stretched thin. Unlike SPEAR's usual approach to vigilantes, Vejovis has praised the other heroes willing to step up and protect people in need - particularly those behind the sterling efforts in Macau, and a previously unknown hero named Mercy who stepped forward and single-handedly protected many of the major cities of South America, dragging people away from danger and healing the injured on a massive scale.

Any of you making holiday plans for this year will be pleased to know that, despite predictions, Barbados appears to have been spared the worst of the flooding! Meteorologists report anomalous ocean currents which diverted the rising tides headed for the island chain harmlessly around.

Prosopon Strikes Again

(this news breaks on the day of the summit)

The killer Prosopon has struck again, apparently adding a new twist to their calling card. The victim was found stabbed in her apartment, with a mast bonded to her face in the same way as the killer's previous victims, and a red ribbon in the shape of a 5 across her chest. Experts are debating the symbolism of this new development. Is it some kind of warning or countdown to something greater? Who can say? Well, here to give us his opinion is our Criminal Psychology reporter, Gregor Mesa.

Volunteers Wanted for Enquiry

ELLIE, the revolutionary new search engine, has put out a public appeal for volunteers interested in answering questions about human morality, and apparently love. Those interested are invited to approach her at the convention or visit at the Jeeves Spire.


  • Was that THE PIGEON in the park, being attacked by cats?
  • Avalon is a huge fan of Moonlight.
  • Of course not, THE PIGEON was the one attacking the ducks!
  • Someone was muttering about someone coming back from the dead in the City Morgue. I don't believe it.
  • Don't be a fool, it was obviously pigeons attacking THE PIGEON… clue's in the name.
1) not an advantage in his field of work, which he should probably realise
2) who chooses to remain nameless for their own safety
3) which we won't name here, as we don't believe in giving out publicity for this kind of thing
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